A fast-paced, page-turning fight between humanity and demons ensues in this spine-tingling tale of a young Nephilim demon hunter.

About the Book

There are three things I know without question.

One: demons are real.

Two: humans make awful mistakes that get them in demonic trouble more often than you’d think.

And three: I’m the only one who can help them.

I straddle the line between the mortal and spiritual realms every day. People might think they’re two different places, but they’re not. They lay on top of each other. It’s messy, and that’s why so many people need my help. Since I was little, I’ve been called all kinds of names—unusual, abnormal, even insane. Which is fitting, since they keep throwing me into mental facilities. I’ve been in and out of them my entire life.

But no matter what people say, no matter what I’m risking, I will always help those in need.

Because there’s an endless war carrying on all around us, every minute of every day. One that can’t be seen by mortal eyes. But I can see it, the spiritual battle for mortal souls, and I’m working hard to make sure my father is on the losing side. He — Astaroth, Satan’s general— is why I can do this. He’s why I’m not normal. I can’t have friends, a life, or a boyfriend. I won’t be selfish enough to drag someone into this fight. But I’m not lonely. Not exactly. I have my mom. She’s my rock, my best friend, my partner. She helps me do what needs to be done, and she’s never afraid when it feels like I’m always afraid.

Because I hear my father whispering my name each night, his taunts echoing through the spiritual realm. He’s hunting me, and I know the day will come when I must face him again.

Every portal I open could be the one that finally pulls me back to Hell, and I wonder if I will brave enough, strong enough, good enough to fight him.

My name is Samantha Catherine Lopez, and I am Nephilim. This is my story.

My Thoughts

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but we still expect something based on the cover and usually the blurb. Well, I was not expecting what I got at all with this one! Something about both the cover and the blurb made me think this was set in the old school, witch-trial Puritan times. But what we got is more Buffy meets Shadowhunters, meets something else new altogether.

It’s a fantastic urban, gritty YA (though I’d more classify it as New Adult – but that’s a hotly debated category) Fantasy, featuring romance, found family, action, spiritual warfare, fighting, and so much more! Lovers of urban fantasy will love the book, I think. Aileen Erin’s style is so clean and witty, especially as she portrays the main character, Sam, a Nephilim demonologist, responsible for protecting the world from demon infestations.

The world she has built is one of the most interesting parts of this book, and I look forward to exploring it more. Much like some other series in recent history, she has set her book in the real world-altering it only by supernatural creatures’ revelation to the world. This creates all sorts of new opportunities and challenges. One of the big ones here is people believing in some supernatural but not others, which sounds exactly like something humans would do.

The writing is engaging and compelling, I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel! Unfortunately, since this one just came out, I might have a long wait. I’m so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for my ARC and the lovely package and for including me on this tour! I love getting to read books and share my thoughts!

Who’s It For?

Anyone who loves a good urban fantasy filled with romance, intrigue, and danger will love this book!

Content Warnings: Religious Ideation and Imagery, Allusions to Drug Use and Mental Illness

About the Author

Aileen Erin is half – Irish, half – Mexican, and 100% nerd—from Star Wars (prequels don’t count) to Star Trek (TNG FTW), she reads Quenya and some Sindarin, and has a severe fascination with the supernatural. Aileen has a BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She lives with her family in Texas, and spends her days doing her favorite things: reading books, creating worlds, and kicking ass.

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