This seems like the perfect kind of book to share on International Women’s Day, because it features a strong independent woman who is unlikeable and doesn’t give a d**n. She is not fitting into your stupid boxes, and that is okay!

About the Book

Character-driven. Action-packed. Boiling over with tension and angst.

Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is military thriller inspired by the genre that brought us Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher. In a globe-spanning tale of adventure, this gripping story full of twists and turns, and secrets from the grave that may just trigger the end of the world, will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Dr. Bruce Farmer has created an arresting story that follows Haddy Abrams, a dauntless female warrior full of determination and boldness as she resolutely battles both personal demons and a heinous villain out to destroy the world. And yet, secretly, in her dreams, there is a man. A mysterious man she only met eyes with so many years ago – and who seems more a ghost than anything else, now.

Across the globe, the dreams of New York City police detective Wolf James are haunted by visions of a mysterious, dark-eyed woman he once encountered while summiting Mount Rainier in Washington state. Assigned to a covert training operation in the Ukraine and on the eve of his wedding day, Detective James suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the mysterious female warrior, who has captivated his dreams for months. He soon finds himself working with her – with no hesitation.

Painstakingly researched, Dr. Farmer has created a novel full of intrigue, mystery, and moments of nail-biting complexity. The plot revolves around the strong, determined characters of Haddy and Wolf, a man and a woman who resolve to fight to save the world from Armageddon – all the while hoping to find a moment, just a moment, for themselves.

My Thoughts

This book was very well written, and the characters were very well developed. Overall it was thrilling, edge-of-your seat action that kept the book moving, and the world the characters lived in didn’t feature a dull moment. But it wasn’t really my cup of tea. If I’d been a little more careful reading the blurb, I’d have realized that, but apparently I overlooked the military part of “military thriller.” I know how ever that there are tons of people who LOVE this. My own dad, if he were a reader, would read this in a day. If the author can get a movie deal, my dad would watch this for a week straight.

I have found a love for domestic and crime thrillers in the past year, but I’m really not into war and high action/fighting books. And this book helped confirm that for me. But if you are into those, this is a really great one. It is full of action, strong female leads, and nihilistic flavor. I have a hard time with that because of my own nihilistic tendencies and this hit on some triggers I’m not comfortable dwelling in. I can handle them in passing, but really digging in is rough for me.

I am grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this tour. I enjoyed the authors quick wit and sharp writing skills, if not so much the subject matter. I could easily read his books again if he chooses to write a different kind of book someday.

Who’s It For?

Those who love military and action thrillers will love this book. If you love Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne, this is your kind of book. But this has some serious triggers, and they hit you right off the bat. Both of the main characters deal with some serious issues, so check your triggers and make sure you’re in the right headspace to proceed.

Content Warnings: Suicidal Ideation/Intention, Adult Situations, Harsh/Adult Language, War, Violence, Religious Ideation, Nihilism, and More

About the Author

A far-ranging and adventurous life has taken author Dr. Bruce Farmer to multiple countries and through multiple careers.

Whether practicing emergency room medicine, teaching Science and Theology at a small liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon, or developing a new approach to physical therapy that can relieve back pain and restore healthy function, Dr. Farmer’s diverse and far-ranging life inspires both his characters and his writing.

An avid outdoorsman, Dr. Farmer enjoys hiking, mountain climbing and skiing. He has summited numerous peaks throughout the Cascades Range in both Oregon and Washington.
In developing his characters, Bruce draws inspiration from the outdoors and what they can reveal in one’s character and soul.

Bruce is a father and grandfather, with three children and five grandchildren. He lives just outside of Portland, Oregon.


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