This is an absolutely delightful read, and the visuals are stunning and adorable. If this is ever available for purchase in physical copy in the US I will absolutely add it to our collection!

About the Book

A witty and surprising Christmas mystery!

It’s Christmas Eve and a mysterious-looking Santa is stealing all the presents that Santa has just delivered! How could this be?! Santa, Rudolph and the other reindeer must beat the ticking clock to unmask the naughty imposter. Will Rudolph and the elves be able to save Christmas before all the girls and boys wake up?

Originally by six-year-old Eve, this is a magical Christmas story written by a child for children everywhere!

A fun-filled mystery that will hook in young readers in the hunt for Santa clues.

An action-packed adventure, this is the perfect holiday storytime read-aloud.

Set in a typeface designed by a dyslexic for people with dyslexia

Delightful, detailed, colourful illustrations capture the humour and magic of Santa’s world Highlights the meaning of presents and the true spirit of Christmas – a time for friends and family to gather together 5% of sales donated to Dyslexia Scotland 5% of sales donated to Scottish Autism

My Thoughts

The first time around, I listened to this. You can read the full review of the audiobook here. I didn’t realize until after I’d reviewed it that the ebook was attached and we could have looked at the pictures, but c’est la vie! The story remained fast-paced story with lots of action, a cute, introductory mystery, and a great conclusion. It’s a great story for the little ones with enough going on for the adults to enjoy it the first time, and probably the 31st time, which is important with kids of a certain age.

The storyline, to me, was like a retelling of the Grinch with a modern-day twist. But I don’t want to give too much away. It’s a great story, and your kiddos – and probably you – will love it. You should add it to your collection if for no other reason than 5% of proceeds go to helping kids with dyslexia and another 5% go to helping kids with autism. As someone with a family full of neurodivergent individuals, including myself, my husband, and my daughter, this is very close to my heart.

It’s also exciting to me that the book is designed with neurodivergent kids in mind. The font is dyslexia friendly, and I’ve heard from other sources that these types of fonts also help people with ADHD read more easily.

I am so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this month-long readalong. I always enjoy the experience of delving deeper into the subject matter and seeing what it has to offer.

About the Author

The recommended age group is 4-10, and I think that’s appropriate. For the younger kids, it’s an exciting story and for the older ones they’ll actually benefit from the clear messaging.

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

About the Author

Eve, at just 13, has shown an incredible knack for storytelling. A believer in inclusivity, her works reflect her ethos, ensuring no child is left behind in the world of literature. Recognised by Young Writers for her contributions, Eve continues to inspire and innovate.


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