This time of year can bring out extra family drama, so this book is extremely timely. If you need a little help this year navigating the conflict, “The Conflict Queen” is to the rescue.

About the Book

Do you struggle with family drama?
You’re not alone.
Studies reveal that 70-80% of Americans view their families as dysfunctional, making it challenging for some to communicate their needs and establish boundaries. Unfortunately, carrying the weight of broken family bonds can cause increased stress, feelings of loneliness, and poor health. But there is hope.

The Conflict Queen: How to Build Boundaries, Slay Drama, and Break Free from Generational Cycles, is the ultimate guide to breaking free from the cycle of dysfunction. Through the story of Nikki, a woman working to overcome generational trauma and toxic family cycles, you’ll gain insight into how unresolved conflict can impact your life and relationships.

This powerful book provides practical strategies, real-life examples, and exercises that equip readers with the tools and techniques to build boundaries, communicate effectively, and form healthy bonds.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Types of conflicts and how they can show up in families
  • How to identify your communication style
  • The power of emotional intelligence
  • How to stop gossip in its tracks
  • The benefits of empowering your inner child
  • The Six Principles of Conflict Resolution
  • The P.I.C.H. Method to Slay Conflict
  • And, six powerful exercises to connect with your inner voice and identify habits

Don’t let toxic family dynamics and generational cycles hold you back. Whether you’re struggling with family conflict, work issues, or simply seeking to improve your emotional well-being, it’s time to claim your crown and build the life you deserve.

My Thoughts

Christy Abram has had a hard life, and through much soul searching she has worked out some strategies – alongside some mental health professionals – to help deal with conflict in her own life. She has written this book to share them with the world. Considering how much hate and vitriol we see in the world today, it’s a great thing to see her sharing something to soothe that. Her tips seem sound to me, and I hope they will help anyone looking to solve conflicts in their life. I’ve heard a few of them before, while others were new to me.

She makes it clear that her book is not a substitute for working with a mental health professional, but that she offers tools to support you on your journey. This is a great book to support you, and I know it will help many people. And it is one of those reference books that you’ll turn back to during different points of your life as you need it again.

I found her use of a fictional character to tell the story as she taught the tools to be exceptionally interesting and useful. It was similar to the use of case studies, where you know they’ve changed the names, but it added a different dimension to the experience. I’m grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on the tour!

Who’s It For?

This is a book for anyone who needs help navigating family or general conflict. It’s designed to help you with your family, but could easily be used for other types of relationships as well.

Content Warnings: Dysfunctional Families, Trauma, Mental Health, Abuse, Absent/Neglectful/Abusive Parents, and More. This is not meant to serve as a complete list of all subjects that people may find offensive or triggering.

About the Author

Christy Abram, “The Conflict Queen,” is an award-winning author and insightful Interpersonal Communication and boundary Coach. With over a decade of experience, she is devoted to empowering individuals and families to overcome generational and interpersonal conflicts through enhanced emotional intelligence, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Her journey fuels her passion for transforming familial bonds and helping parents establish healthy relationships with their adult children. Christy’s acclaimed books, groundbreaking initiative, Brown Girls Write, and insightful podcast, “The Conflict Queen,” serve as transformative platforms, inspiring countless individuals to embark on journeys of healing and self-discovery. Discover more about her transformative journey at


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