If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned murder mystery with modern flair, then “And Of Course, There Was The Girl” is the book for you. Sam Harrigan is an old-fashioned noir hero stuck in the modern world, facing situations he would rather be done with – and you will not be able to put his story down once you pick it up.

About the Book

Gabriella’s name meant love and lies…

When Sam Harrigan agreed to find runaway bride Gabriella Cole, he expected to be looking for a marriage-scammer, not a lovely phantom with a trail of devastation in her wake whose victims include washed-up celebrities, politicians, and even mobsters.

Now everyone wants to get their hands on Gabriella, but with each step Sam takes, she seems further away as danger races closer and romance, lust, and murder are never far behind!

Read the first full-length mystery starring Sam Harrigan, the private investigator featured in the pages of Guilty Crime Story Magazine!

My Thoughts

Such a fun, unique modern detective story. While it was set in modern times, it was steeped in the tradition of the old-world, noir detective story. The grumpy, old detective with a hard life just trying to make a buck who secretly has a heart of gold and a hankering for justice was portrayed perfectly. I enjoyed PI Sam Harrigan and look forward to meeting him in additional stories.

The pacing was so perfect I knew exactly when the story was about to end. I knew something was strange all along the story – of course, I did, it was a mystery – but the twist/reveal at the end was the type that makes you scream with delight (horror?) something. Delightfully mind-boggling!

The villains – suspects – whatever you want to call them in this one were amazing. Don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say that the author is talented at character-building and story weaving. He is going to earn his place in the world of mystery and crime fiction.

The relationship of the detective and his son was adorable. I really enjoyed seeing the father-son dynamic, especially with the mom having left. It’s a reality that we don’t explore often in media. Having experienced it secondhand with my cousins and my brother-in-law (whose wife left), it’s something most people never consider an option – a wife and mother leaving. And the idea of a single dad stepping up and fully taking on all the parenting duties really baffles a lot of people, so I enjoyed seeing this representation, especially in a grittier way than the “Full House” version.

I already really enjoyed the setting, which added to the old Hollywood/Vegas feel and the noir feeling of the book. I’ve never heard of this area, but the whole knock-off Vegas idea was really interesting – whether

I am excited to see these characters develop and see what other characters come into this world. I’m grateful to the author, publisher, and Love Books Tours for including me in this tour.

Who’s It For?

People who love noir detective stories will love this. Also, if you enjoy Vegas/Old Hollywood-type stories, you’ll enjoy this one. It has a very old-world detective feel to it that I really enjoyed.

Content Warning: Murder, Violence, Adult Situations, Adult Language, Infidelity, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Gambling, SI, Fear, Mental Illness, Domestic Abuse

About the Author

Brandon Barrows is the author of several crime and mystery novels. His most recent, The Last Request, was published September, 2023 by Bloodhound Books.

He has also published over one hundred short stories and is a three-time Mustang Award finalist, as well as a 2022 Derringer Award nominee.