Take a wild ride through a collection of dreams in this “Scrapbook of Dreams” penned by Liam G. Martin. The audiobook will carry you away on a delightful rapid succession of adventures.

About the Book

Scrapbook of Dreams is a collection of stories and poems. You’ll listen to a poem about robots reading poetry and a story about a ghost ferret called Alfonso. There is a barbarian that lives in a quaint cottage and a knight that rides a donkey! Plus, much, MUCH more.

My Thoughts

This is such a great read. Many of the chapters are short and sweet, and there is a thread running through much of the book. There are recurring characters and ideas – like a magic school that keeps popping up – that tie the stories and poems together. I enjoyed all of the stories but some of my favorites included the final one “The Toy Dog,” as well as the one that involved a soldier who was willing to sacrifice himself for his king and kingdom.

One thing that delighted me about the book was that you often couldn’t tell if the story was meant to be a dream or not, and it was quite funny in that regard. It was a little hard to tell if the story was set in a fantastical world that included magic, or if everything fantastical was supposed to be a dream and the magic just seeped into the real world a little. And that made the story all the more magical.

The characters were many and distinct, and I enjoyed seeing them in all their wild and happy tales. The author was fantastic at setting as well. The narrator brought all the characters and settings to life!

Who’s It For?

The story is slated for readers age 8-12 and that seems to be about right. But I’ll say that my 6 year old is rarely able to focus on an audiobook and she was sitting in the back listening along with me. I know she was actually focusing because she commented on the stories as we were going. She also loved it, laughing at the magic fork and asking me how big I thought the Toy Dog was in that story. I love sharing stories with her so I was so excited for that!

I am so grateful to the author and Love Books Tour for including me on this tour.

Content Warnings: Fear, Monsters, Death, Curses

Question of the Day

Do you enjoy short stories? If so, do you prefer them separate or do you enjoy it when they have a common thread?

About the Author

Liam is a children’s writer from Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom. He writes anything from chapter books about toy dogs to middle-grade novels about knights and dragons.

When he was young, he spent a lot of time in the hospital, which made him realise just how important stories can be. Since then, it has been his dream to write children’s books.