Last year, Mel Higgins’ debut novel left me wanting more – and “Love Lottie” delivered beautifully!

About the Book

“Cathleen longs for a child to complete her family, so when her parents send her sixteen-year-old sister Lottie to London after secretly giving birth to a daughter, could this new bundle be the answer to her prayers?

Betty lives a good life in the city of Paris with a close knitted family around her, but when her uncle turns up the night before her wedding, family secrets are exposed, leaving her to decide where she belongs.

Grace promised her unborn child that she would be a better mother than her own, but while her husband Henry shows her little affection and hides away in his shed, she struggles to keep her promise.

Sarah is used to her parents being different. Her mum is always ill, and her dad works around the clock. However, when she starts reading books by the author Lottie Ridley, her life changes forever.”

My Thoughts

The cliffhanger ending to “Dear Lottie,” left me with some “good” anger, if you will, so when I saw that this one was coming out I was super excited. This beautifully crafted sequel wasn’t at all what I expected. Instead of a sequential, logical sequel, we got a follow-up to Lottie’s story through the eyes of other characters affected by her story. This unique storytelling method was phenomenal and was so powerful at emphasizing how tiny decisions or big ones can affect so many people around us that we don’t even realize.

The webs and strings that the author had to weave to create these complex storylines and have them all work out, in the end, was impressive. At first, it would seem like it was about three random people, but in the end, they all make perfect sense. And, in the first book, I didn’t necessarily like either of the first two characters, but seeing their side of the story really helps you sympathize with their experiences more. Also, Frederic is amazing. Is he based on someone real? He should give all men lessons, thanks! My husband is pretty awesome, but wow!

The various love stories within the tale show so many faces of romance in one book. There are tales of unrequited love, mutual love, wrong timing, parental love, obsessive love, friendship love, unconditional love, and so much more. It also shows how love can lift us and how sometimes it can ruin us. Or maybe how it’s the loss of love that can ruin us. That’s for you to decide, based on how you interpret it really.

I’m so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me in this tour. I can’t wait to see more! I’m so greedy! If I love characters, I always want to know more – and this promised more Lottie and Henry at the end. Yay!

Who’s It For

If you love historical romance and epic, generational novels, this series is for you. The first novel was great, and this one was even better. There are a lot of tough topics covered.

Content Warning: Death, Miscarriage, Parent Loss, Child Loss, Infidelity, Betrayal, Alcohol/Tobacco Use, Anxiety, Adoption, Homelessness

About the Author

Mel Higgins has been writing since her teenage years, starting with tales of her friends. Now she prefers to write romance novels. When Mel isn’t in her office writing, she loves spending time with her husband, their two children, and their pet pugs going on many adventures. As well as traveling and sipping lychee martinis.

Dear Lottie was Mel’s debut novel.