Prepare for a journey like none you’ve ever been on before. Twists and turns, everything going perfectly right and perfectly wrong. John and Adele are about to see if they can learn to love each other again.

About the Book

John and Adele have been together for over two decades and have a son. Their relationship has been on a downhill trajectory for many years.

One evening, en route to their annual holiday destination, they run out of fuel in a remote location. To whom can they go for assistance? Suddenly, in the darkness, their lives take an unexpected turn. They meet three mysterious but benevolent strangers who offer to help them. In observing Adele and John, they pose to the couple an unusual challenge that seeks to address the core problems in their marriage. John and Adele find the proposal odd but intriguing. While it may have advantages, it could be risky and dangerous. But unresolved emotions and unhealed wounds, as well as long-buried memories can also have hazardous and unpredictable consequences. Will they dare to accept this challenge or not?

This unique novel, while aimed at taking a fresh perspective on relationships, is uplifting, relaxing, and is meant to be enjoyed.

My Thoughts

Steeped in magical realism, this novel delivers on it’s promise to take you on a mystical journey with the titular characters. The pair are experiencing marriage troubles and headed on vacation. It’s unclear to me why they would want to go on holiday together, because it doesn’t seem they can stand to spend time together. They must just be so steeped in habit they wouldn’t think not to go. Vacations are a rarity here, so that is a concept I can’t imagine. And if I was mad at my husband, I certainly wouldn’t lock myself in a car and a hotel with him for days.

Anyway, then readers get swept into a strange road trip/scavenger hunt to rebuild a broken marriage. It almost reads like the world’s most cerebral marriage self-help book, which is funny because when I went to the website to learn more about the author, they agreed it’s genre-bending. The author says it’s our job to decide if this story is a thriller, a guide to a good marriage, or something else altogether. Also, if you visit the website, you’ll find a nice surprise about the author! Links to author’s website and purchase information are at my #linkinbio.

I honestly couldn’t decide if I liked our MCs or not, but they were very well written. Their humanity jumped off the page. They absolutely seemed like real people you’d meet at the PTA meeting or at the pub down the street. And, if you were going to meet mystical marriage gurus, these three would be it! I did really like Mary Catherine, she seemed very sweet and like someone I’d love to meet. John seemed like a mean bully.

I’m so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for allowing me to take this incredible journey!

Question of the Day

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Who’s It For?

This is a really hard question to answer. Probably if you’re married, you’ll enjoy and appreciate this book. And if you enjoy cerebral, spiritual books and magical realism you will too. Overall, it’s one of those books that kind of defies genres so it’s hard to say exactly who will like it, but I know lots of people will!

Content Warning: SA, Divorce, Marriage Counseling, Harsh Language, Assault, Violence,

About the Author

Under the pen name of Ancius M. Murray is an Irish-Lithuanian team made up of a physicist, a lawyer, and a creative writer – that’s us!

Perhaps you’ll find what we’ve done here is extremely difficult to achieve; a consistent novel of magical realism written by three authors with different nationalities, cultures, and languages.

When we started out on this writing project as friends, we also thought it might be impossible. But, propelled forward by inner forces we didn’t really understand, each one of us made a unique contribution every day. We knit together a beautiful tapestry now unrolling in front of you.

Step on to it and glide on our carpet into your magical journey with John and Adele.

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