It’s always a good sign when I have a hard time picking favorite quotes from a book because I’ve highlighted so many lovely, meaningful passages that picking just a few is near impossible.

About the Book

“Wake from your colorless sleep!”

Born from the ashes of the old world, the great cities of humanity’s new hope are beacons of light. Yet freed from the depths of a cruel prison, Will Manning is left with nothing but rage.

Seeking revenge against the tyrannical rule of the Vitruvian elite with the help of a shadowy group called Legion, he sets about to light the spark to bring them to their knees. But from the palace of the mad queen in the Sea of Sand to the Weeping City of Sorrow in the mountains of Mourne, the truth is not what it seems. And as salvation collides with chaos, justice may be no more than a wishful dream.

My Thoughts

As a dystopian, fantasy future, the author has built a gorgeous, horrifying world. I can see it vividly, even if I got a little confused at some points because there were so many people, races, and activities going on. But the extensive worldbuilding, done without any information dumps, is exceptionally graceful. Alongside the literary language, this is an extremely well written book.

Will is one of those loveable, reluctant “chosen ones” that frequently populate fantasy books. He basically was forced into the position, completly against his will. But since his alternative was rotting in prison for his parents’ sins, might as well try to save the world, right?

The catalysts, the action, and the magic system/technological advancements in this book are imaginative and interesting. They’re also a little terrifying, edging into black magic territory. All of the different factions are just a little morally grey, making it unclear who the bad guys and good guys are. And in the end, I’m not sure we’ll every really know. And that might be part of the point.

I really enjoyed Will’s character, as well as the doctor we meet early in the book. Abby and Katyana didn’t quite grow on me as much, but they were both quite practical voices, which made them very useful and good for the story. I loved Tom and his little family. Trib.. reminded me of Cesar from Hunger Games. And the Queen was as terrifying as she was beautiful.

Like so many fantasy or sci-fi books, this book had some social commentary hidden – or not so hidden – within the pages. At times, it felt a little preachy, but for the most part it was hidden well into the narrative. You can tell that the author is a big scifi and fantasy fan because I could elements and inspiration from so many different popular and obscure works.

I am so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me in this tour, and I look forward to seeing more from this author – in this world or another.

Who’s It For?

If you enjoy action-packed sci-fi/fantasy and dystopian futures, featuring young, “chosen one” type protagonists, you’ll love this one.

Content Warnings: War, Dystopian Future, Child Abuse, Prison, Child Abandonment, Gladiator Fighting, Corrupt Government Leaders, Medical Trauma, Pregnancy, Allusions to Abortion, Allusions to Suicide, Racism/Xenophobia, Violence, Death, Fear, Loss of Loved Ones

Question of the Day

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About the Author

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland, L. Ross Coulter moved to the vast and diverse landscapes of Canada in his younger years to pursue a career in construction, where he got married and started a family. Having spent over a decade there honing his skills in the built environment, his passion for creating and building extended beyond the physical world, as he found another outlet for his creativity – writing. Now he spends his days weaving tales and sharing insights through his writings, captivating readers with his unique perspective on life and the world around him. His literary endeavors have added a new dimension to his already illustrious career, showcasing a profound ability to navigate both the technical and creative realms.

Whether constructing the physical foundations of a building or constructing the imaginative landscapes within his writing, in a picturesque twist of fate, he now calls the serene Irish countryside home. Nestled among rolling hills and verdant landscapes, he shares this idyllic setting with his lovely wife and daughter, and a delightful array of animals that have become part of their extended family.


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