This fast-paced thriller kept me turning pages and needing to know “who dunnit.”

About the Book

He knows where you are.

He knows where you’re going.

He’s waiting for you.

Seven years ago Valencia’s best friend is brutally murdered and she’s the one who finds the body. A man is convicted and is serving time. But there’s still so much they don’t know about the murder.

Valencia’s never been convinced he’s guilty and now she’s ready to look for the truth. But what she discovers shocks her to her core.

A sick serial killer is sacrificing women.

The method of death chosen by the highest bidder.

Their murders livestreamed.

As Valencia’s desire for the truth intensifies, the killer’s need to kill is escalating.
He knows Valencia is looking for him . . . and he has her in his sights.

My Thoughts

Valencia our heroine is investigating her friend’s cold case murder. Unfortunately, everyone is convinced the killer has been caught – except for a few supporters. The “killer” has maintained his innocence the whole time. (she) found her friend, and she isn’t sure about the guys guilt either. So when the podcast she works for wants to give him a chance a freedom, she jumps at the chance to work on the case.

Podcasting is so very similar to journalism – or what investigative journalism used to be – that I thought it was weird that Valencia emphasized so strongly that she wasn’t a journalist. In my books, the difference was minimal.

Valencia was a strong, independent character, but she was borderline reckless in her need to find answers. She was desperate to find answers, but hurt people she cared about in the process. I do think she learned a great deal in the story, which is always great. The author wrote some great characters, and some even more impressive villains.

The killer was easy to sus out early, but there were still secrets and surprises to be had. The author managed to tuck quite a few secrets in a small town where everyone usually knows everyone’s business.

There was a clear undercurrent of racism between the First Nations people and the townspeople. The twists and turns throughout the story proved to be deep, serious topics that the author handled very well. And there were some huge surprises throughout. As a Native American descendant, I always have mixed feelings when my culture is used in this way and written about by people who aren’t a part of it. None of the things represented in this story are untrue though. So, it feels like the author is trying to highlight injusticed done to our people.

Who’s It For?

If you enjoy fast-paced, thrilling tales with complex storylines, you’ll enjoy this book. It is about corrupt individuals and serial killers, so be warned and check the content warnings.

Content Warnings: Death, Murder, Torture, Sexual Assault, Suicidal Ideation, Police Corruption, Betrayal, Racism

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About the Author

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