Another Canelo book that looks like it’s going to be hilariously awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Hopefully, LBT will get a tour, and I’ll get a spot.

About the Book

Should Liv take herself out of the friend zone, or are they better off there?
Liv Granger has been flailing through life since her teens. When her brother, Joe, announces his engagement to his long-term boyfriend, Liv realises that she has never been able to commit to anything – a career, a fixed address, a relationship – and she may, in fact, be a massive loser.

With the help of Joe and Henry, her oldest friend, Liv comes up with the Loser List: ten tasks to change her life. The most challenging – three dates with the same person. After each increasingly disastrous date, Henry is always there to the rescue. Has what she’s been looking for been right in front of her the whole time?

Between restraining her mother’s wedding planning and doing everything in her power to not be her father’s wingman for his various short-lived girlfriends, Liv learns that the path to self-improvement needs to start with a little self-acceptance…

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy for fans of Sophia Money-Coutts, Sarah Hogle and Sally Thorne.

About the Author

Lauren lives in Australia with her husband, two children and one overly excitable Sheepadoodle. She has a background in film distribution, acquisitions and script development. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading anything involving romance, patting unsuspecting animals or continuing her quest for the perfect gluten-free bacon and egg roll.

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