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About the Book

“A masterpiece of truth, bridging the terrestrial to the celestial.” — Alice Inoue, Life Expert, Indie Excellence Award-Winning Author and Founder of Happiness U

We know the number 13 to be traditionally viewed as an unlucky number, but for Nikol, it turned out to be the most transformative number of her life.

This book is a story about the year Nikol’s life went up in flames, burning to ash all of who she thought she was. Nikol had spent decades carefully crafting her career, marriage, persona, and friendships. But as she watched the life she had built disappear into smoke, she found herself hearing a new, quiet voice within her. The voice of 13.

13 is the sacred invitation, the auspicious calling to your heart to finally have the life you have always desired.

Sharing with absolute vulnerability the ravages of losing her identity, Nikol’s writing creates a beautiful space of self-empowerment for anyone who has felt deeply stuck in relationships and a life that doesn’t work. This book is for people who want to create a new beginning and have decided their life is precious and worth living. It is also about the workings of sacred numbers in our lives and how devastation can open you to your greatest power.

My Thoughts

This was an amazing read. Growing up solidly in the American Bible belt, I don’t know much about Buddhism, so I always enjoy learning about different faiths. While I’ve been happily married for nearly 13 years – which seems appropriate with this book’s title – I could still relate to many of the things the author had to say. I have experienced deep losses and needed to recover from them, and while I hope I never lose my marriage, no one knows what the future holds. But I do know I will experience some loss in the future. And I feel I will be better for having read about this author’s experience.

I love that she presents this as her own journey. So many authors make a book like this and then ascribe a philosophy to it. They say this is how YOU should do it. Instead, she has said this was MY journey. This is my story. Do what you will with it. I have shared it. I hope it will help you. Namaste. Live life.

And, if you feel that you can, considering the content warnings I’ve listed below, I hope you do consider reading it. Because you never know when a story about a random lady and her marriage or doing yoga or playing with a dog will make you smile or feel better or cry. And it might just be exactly what you needed in that moment.

The format is unique. At first, I wasn’t sure, but I enjoyed it. It was a mix of poetry, notes, and small essays/stories all mixed to tell the story. I’m not a big nonfiction reader but the story was engaging enough to keep me turning pages.

I’m so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me in the Tour. It was a truly transformational book, both I think, for the author and the reader. Thank you, ma’am, for being vulnerable and sharing this journey with us.

Who’s It For?

If you enjoy learning other people’s stories, this is a great one. If you enjoy learning about other religions or Buddhism specifically, it’s a great read. If you just need some hope, pick this up!

Content Warnings: Infidelity, Divorce, Suicidal Ideation, Fertility Issues, Marriage Issues

About the Author

Nikol Rogers is a speaker, writer, and empowerment coach who helps people reclaim their confidence, expand their perfect audience, and bring their fearless vision to life. She has taught her ZenRed Method globally and has helped her clients become a more confident version of themselves and in alignment with their true purpose through her signature course, Powerful Presence. Her work can be found at NikolRogers.com.

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