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About the Book

In Highly Flawed Individual, thirty-year-old eternal bachelor Archie Flynn has it all: a successful finance career, a beautiful terrace home in Sydney’s highly sought-after Rocks district, and a thriving sex life that James Bond would envy. In other words, life is perfect.

Until, the stunning Jezebel Ekas, an American professional mixed martial arts fighter, enters his life. Jezebel is a woman far superior to Archie in so many ways. When their paths cross, the life Archie thought so perfect is quickly turned upside down. Smart, funny, strong-willed, this is the woman he wants to settle down with, but she won’t fall easily for his usual lines and his promiscuous past is about to catch up with him. 

Desperate to date Jezebel but unwilling to let her know that he just caught a rare and exotic, un-diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, Archie must go against his every instinct. Rather than seducing her he must do everything he can to not sleep with Jezebel, including lying to her. 

Tim Roberts’ debut novel takes a hard and honest look at the “modern” man who might not be quite as cool and sexy as he thinks. With a knowing nod and a self-deprecating humor that draws you in, Roberts details Archie and Jezebel’s whirlwind, almost-but-not-quite, romance.

About the Author

T.C. Roberts is the author of the non-fiction title, Goodbye Office, Hello World!, the novel, Highly Flawed Individual, and the forthcoming graphic novel Killer Sexbot. Originally from Sydney, Tim has no fixed address and considers himself a citizen of the world. When he is not writing, he’s traveling and exploring new places, or seeking out his next destination.

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