This is the sort of book that both restores and shakes my faith in humanity all at the same time.

About the Book

What have you had enough of?

  • women’s rights being eroded?
  • our value being tied to how we look or perform our roles?
  • ongoing gender inequalities in all spheres of life?
  • women shouldering the burden of childcare and housework?
  • the term ‘porn and rape culture’ being used about our children’s schools?
  • women being expected to juggle everything?
  • the appalling sexist attitudes, behaviours and abuse that girls and women experience daily – just because we live in a sexist, patriarchal society?

Being A Woman is an eye-opening journey through our lives as women and girls in the Western world. Lynn B. Mann will help you make sense of it all through the lens of her own experiences. She offers an antidote to the poison that permeates our lives by answering the questions:

  • Where are we?
  • How did we get here?
  • Where do we go from here?

Reading this book will help to build awareness and understanding. It will help you come to know your own worth and teach you how to build your personal power. You’ll feel empowered to create change in your own life – and realise that you can make a difference beyond it. Buckle up, and prepare to see your life flashing before your eyes.

My Thoughts

I was floored, and somehow not surprised at all by some of the awful things the author shared with us about how men and boys treat women and girls even today in the 21st century. If I needed any more proof that I made the right decision to homeschool my daughter, here it is. But I know she will still encounter these experiences somewhere.

I will hand this over to my partner, her father to read as well. At the very least, people involved in raising children who identify as female should read this book. But I think everyone should. It made me think so much about my own experiences and how much we just glance over because of things like tradition “Well that’s just how things are in the South.” Wow. My mind is blown and I’m so grateful to the author for shining a light on the way all of us as women have misconstrued the idea of feminism and extremism.

This is an important and challenging read. You’ll want to have it on your shelf to reference as you grow and work through these new ideas and feelings!

Who’s It For?

It’s for all humans, I think. Definitely for all people who identify as women. I think all parents should absolutely read it. But everyone would do well to read it!

Content Warnings: Self-esteem issues, Eating Disorders, Food Issues, Self-Worth, Sexism, Sexual Assault/Violence, Violence, Patriarchy, and More. This list is not mean to serve as a complete list of all subjects that individuals may find offensive or triggering.

Question of the Day

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not?

About the Author

Hi, I LOVE writing. It’s what keeps me sane and happy. I’ve got a lot of books in me still to write, so if you like what I write be prepared to be with me for the long haul!!!

I’ve always written, even as a child – I asked for a typewriter for my 10th birthday! It’s only in the past few of years though that I’ve really got serious about applying myself to it in a more structured, consistent way. Previously, in my twenties and thirties, I had 22 different jobs (that I can remember) ranging from aerobics instructor, lab technician, and lighting merchandiser, to researcher and director in television.

I finally found my vocation in training and working as a counsellor/therapist, and running stress management workshops. On a career break, after having my daughter, I co-founded a food business, producing cold-pressed rapeseed oil, and infused oils, on our family farm. It’s now a multi-award-winning supplier to retail and food service customers throughout the UK, and around the world.

I’m also an Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland.

My first books are BEING: Awake, aware and experiencing life as your authentic self (2021) and Being 21: Towards greater self-understanding in 21 questions (2020).

I write, walk, eat, sleep, do yoga (badly), and volunteer with a homeless charity.


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