The first installment of this series “Deadly Return” was an excellent introduction to this cozy mystery series – my own particular favorite genre! And I can’t wait to dig into the second. See my full thoughts on the first one here. And let’s help the author celebrate the Cover Reveal of her second installment “Eternal Forest.”

About the Book

Will exonerating a good friend’s husband of murder, implicate her instead?

Tanya Bowe, an ex-investigative journalist, and divorcee, runs a vintage shop in the coastal town of Seacastle. When her old friend, Lexi Burlington-Smythe borrows the office above the shop as a base for the campaign to create a kelp sanctuary off the coast, Tanya is thrilled with the chance to get involved and make some extra money.

Tanya soon gets drawn into the high-stake arguments surrounding the campaign, as tempers are frayed, and her friends, Roz and Ghita favour opposing camps. When a celebrity eco warrior is murdered, the evidence implicates Roz’s husband Ed, and Tanya finds her loyalties stretched to breaking point as she struggles to discover the true identity of the murderer.

Will she discover the truth before one of her friends is convicted of murder?

In this enthralling English, small-town, cozy mystery, Tanya finds herself torn between a search for the truth and loyalty to her friends. If you love a cozy whodunnit set at the seaside, with a cast of recurring characters, this is the series for you.

About the Author

PJ Skinner is a geologist who has spent thirty years roaming the planet and collecting tall tales and real-life experiences. Most of her postings were in remote and dangerous sites which provide background settings for her novels. She now writes fact-based novels from the relative safety of London. She still travels worldwide collecting material for the series and having her own adventures.

Books The complete Sam Harris Adventure series of seven books covers the career of a female geologist, from rookie adventures in remote sites in Africa and South America to forays in the the concrete jungle. PJ also writes under the pen names Kate Foley and Pip Skinner. The Green Family Saga (Kate Foley) starts with Rebel Green, set in Ireland at the beginning of the Troubles in the North. The second book in the series follows the fortunes of Isabella Green, and the third book, out in February 2023 is about Liz Green and Sean O’Connor.


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