Let’s celebrate the release of “Mockingbird: Strike Out, A Marvel Heroines Novel” by Maria Lewis! Congratulations on the publication!

About the Book

S.H.I.E.L.D. super-spy Bobbi Morse spreads her wings and dives into a brand-new espionage thriller from Marvel Heroines

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Bobbi Morse needs to get out of LA. Like, yesterday. With her painful divorce from Hawkeye still being hashed out, Bobbi could do with a new job to take her mind off the mind-numbing mediations. Luckily, an old friend and mentor of Bobbi’s is missing, so a jaunt to the UK might be the perfect distraction.

What Bobbi isn’t anticipating is having to team up with the snarky and handsome Lance Hunter, but her options are limited if she wants to solve this mystery. Someone is trying to recreate and weaponize the original Super-Soldier Serum which could spell global disaster. To save the world, Bobbi will have to face her past, put her problems behind her, and let the Mockingbird take flight.

About the Author

Maria Lewis is a best-selling author, screenwriter, and pop culture etymologist from Australia. She’s the author of the internationally published Supernatural Sisters series of eight books, which includes the Aurealis Award-winning The Witch Who Courted Death. As a screenwriter, she has worked across projects for AMC, Netflix, SBS, Ubisoft, ABC, DC Comics and many more. She’s the presenter, writer and producer of award-winning audio documentaries – The Phantom Never Dies – about the world’s first superhero – and Josie and the Podcats – about the 2001 cult film.

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