Let’s help author Nick Spill celebrate the release of his new collection of short stories “The Sense of Blood Ink.” I’m excited to be on the tour for this one, and you can catch my review next Wednesday, June 28, right here and on Bookstagram.

About the Book

Nick Spill has written nine stories about love including the novella

The Sense of Blood Ink, an unusual love story

Best-selling fantasy writer Zacharias is surprised at his rural Florida home by a young woman who resembles Princess Alexandrina, his lead character.

They try to resist the powerful attraction they have for each other. Then they become lovers for one long night.

Alexandrina returns to London, and they continue their affair through video calls and letters, until she discovers she is pregnant.

As the global pandemic spreads and borders close, they face enormous decisions as they begin to understand why they are fated to be together.

The Anonymous Bottle of Champagne

In a famous hotel restaurant in Montreux, a private investigator from Miami Beach, finally able to travel after the pandemic, impulsively sends a bottle of the most expensive champagne to an alluring woman. What happens next will forever haunt him.

And seven other stories about love.

About the Author

Nick Spill has published seven books. His latest is The Sense of Blood Ink, a most unusual love story.

The Way of the Bodyguard, is his story about being in the protection business, Reluctant Q, is his father’s popular World War II memoir. Nick Spill completed The Jaded Kiwi Trilogy: The Jaded Kiwi, The Jaded Spy and The Jaded Widow, dark crime novels with an off-beat sense of humor. He also released an e-book Reflections on the TranzAlpine about his return to New Zealand to talk about Kiwis, art, death, coffee and sex.

Nick Spill lives in South Florida with four cats.

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