It’s still Christmas in May, and it’s another gorgeous cover reveal for a holiday romance from the folks at Hera Books.

About the Book 

Emma Love believes in old-fashioned courtship.

Last summer, her dating agency launched its first ever Bridgerton-style Regency Season of glamorous events, designed to help modern digital daters put down their screens and open their eyes and hearts to meeting in person. A pulse-quickening waltz with your very own Mr Darcy has to beat swiping left on yet another player, she reckons. It was brilliantly successful and brought together many couples including, to her surprise, a love interest for herself – the enigmatic Tom Knight.

This Christmas, Emma is launching her second Season, set to be even more glittering than the last. Will she find soulmates for the Price twins, as different as chalk and cheese? Can she encourage the sexy Season rake, Theo, to change his ways? And what of Hope Lucas, who didn’t find her true love last Season but still has faith that he is out there?

Emma once again puts her all into the Season, while trying to negotiate her new relationship with Tom and wondering if she can ever compete with the ghost of his last partner.

Will the Season of joy bring love and laughter, or will there be broken hearts among the baubles?

About the Author

Ally grew up on the North Yorkshire coast and now lives with her husband in Worcestershire, at least until she can persuade him to give into her yearning to live somewhere nearer the sea. No kids, no pets. She sometimes manages to keep a pot plant alive. Briefly. She has been writing professionally since 2013, and is also published as Alison May and, in collaboration, as Juliet Bell. Ally is a former Chair of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and writes joyful, inclusive stories about all things romantic.

Ally also works extensively with new and developing authors. To find out about Ally’s courses, mentoring and editing services click here.

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