If you love a slow burn ecological thriller with a big payoff, this is the perfect book for you!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

About the Book

The Red Cross is on a humanitarian mission to locate missing oil worker Calum Mackenzie.

RB McGehee, the second-tier reporter with Global Press’s two-man Edinburgh bureau, files a couple of paragraphs for the US wire agency and expects to hear nothing further.

There are in any case bigger fish to fry: Scotland has unveiled unilateral carbon reduction measures, a diplomatic hoo-ha with Norway threatens to escalate into what the locals would call a proper stooshie, and Frankfurt HQ is cracking down on expenses.

The story, however, refuses to go away. And McGehee – risking life, love and career – is entangled in a desperate race against time to solve the riddle of what happened to the experimental drilling platform Sligachan 6.


S6 follows McGehee’s investigations as he visits oil companies, government offices and whistle-blowers. Closed doors turn to violent responses the closer McGehee gets to the truth.

This new investigative thriller from TS Westbrook is published in May 2023.

My Thoughts

This story is the epitome of a slow burn. A friend assured me it picked up – which it did – so if it feels a little slow in the beginning, consider hanging in there. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in trying to figure out what’s going on right alongside our illustrious, if gruff and unloveable, reporter. It is quite clear the author has spent time in newsrooms himself, because his description pulled me right back to my own time spent on deadline with a steady diet of caffeine and press releases. All the journalists were such perfectly described characters and caricatures of real people, I could equate them with others I’d met along my own journalistic career. The sage advice of RB’s first editor sprinkled through the narrative was a lovely touch, and many of them were things I heard my own mentors and teachers say along the way.

Descriptions are TS Westbrook’s strongpoint, putting me right in the room with these powerful personalities, allowing me feel the sticky bar and see the familiar newsroom setting. Unfortunately, I could have lived without the clear vision of the opening scene, but that’s a preference thing. A very visceral strong one, which I imagine I’m not alone in, but I could be. But it comes in handy as he describes the various beautiful locations in the book, turning it into a wonderful, atmospheric experience.

I am grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me in this tour.

Who’s It For?

If you’re passionate about climate change, interesting in learning more about the underbelly of the oil and gas or journalism industry, or just looking for a gritty story to sink your teeth into, going on this epic journey with RB McGehee will absolutely be a good way to spend your time.

Content Warning: Adult Situations, Adult Language

About the Author

Todd is a writer lucky enough to have appeared in newspapers, magazines, agencies and online outlets in a number of countries and across a wide range of subject areas. Debut novel S6 will be published by Leamington Books in May 2023. His first book, the non-fiction work Revolution, was

published in October 2020.

In total, more than a million words have been published under Todd’s byline across news, features, analysis and long-form pieces. His adopted home is in the Scottish Highlands where he pretends to be an accomplished fly-fisherman and skis whenever he can find snow.

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