A New Martian Murder Mystery By Pip Skinner

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Astronauts are dying on the first crewed mission to Mars. Is it bad luck, or something far more sinister?

An international mission to search for life on Mars meets heated opposition from the religious right in the USA. Astronaut Hattie Fredericks’ dreams are realized when she is selected for the voyage, but her presence on the Starship coincides with a series of incidents which threaten to derail the mission.

After a near-miss while landing on Mars, the world watches as Hattie and the crew struggle to survive. But worse than the harsh elements are her suspicions that someone is trying to destroy the mission. After several crew members die, Hattie doesn’t know who to trust. And her only allies are 35 million miles away.

As the tension ratchets up, violence and suspicion invade both worlds.

Will Hattie discover life on Mars, or die trying?

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About the Author

The author has spent thirty years working as an exploration geologist managing remote sites and doing due diligence of projects in more than thirty countries. Her latest book, published under the name of Pip Skinner, is a whodunnit set on Mars. Think “The Martian” with fewer potatoes and more murders; a cross between Agatha Christie and “The Da Vinci Code.” It follows the first crewed mission to Mars to pick up the Perseverance samples from the surface and was inspired by the author’s interest in space exploration.

She also writes under the pen names of PJ Skinner (adventure thrillers) and Kate Foley (Irish novels).