Take a Journey with 15 Authors, Cultures

5/5 Stars

I have been a bit lax in announcing that I will soon to be published in an anthology, “Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World” with Ravens and Roses Publishing, the indie publishing company for which I serve as PR/Marketing Lead. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity and even more excited to finally be a published author. I am still working on my personal novel, and hope to see a 2023 publishing date for that. Keep your eye’s peeled for more information for that soon!

Tales Untold Review

A world of wonder, magic, mythos, and so much more awaits you in the pages of this mythology featuring the tales of 15 different authors from 15 different mythologies, religions, folklores, and more from around the world. This is a beautiful celebration of cultures coming together and making something new. From reimaginings of ancient Native stories to retellings of ancient Greek and Indian tales, there is something for everyone within these pages.

My Favorite Stories

One of my favorite tales is “The Young Man and The New World,” by author D.M. Monkson, which explores the journey of a small boy through a mystical land as he meets mythical creatures from a variety of spiritual worlds. This blending of cultures – featuring a small boy based on Monkson’s own child – is an adorable, powerful tale with a twist ending.

In a very different, but a similar favorite of mine, “Never Trust a Fae,” Jessica Hopson weaves a hauntingly beautiful tale of love and loss that will absolutely pull on your heartstrings.

Other Tales

Other stories feature pirates, Mexican folktales twisted into tales of horror, gods and goddesses, and everything in between. All of them offer a fantastic read and insight into a culture and world dreamed up by one of the talented authors in this collection.

Author’s Note: Being one of these authors, I certainly hope you enjoy my story “The Littlest Rose,” I don’t presume to hype it up. You can make your own decisions about my own talent and how interesting the story I’ve weaved is.