I’m starting to feel a little like a broken record, but I’ve never read anything quite like this. Though, the name of the forest in this book was the Million Acre Woods, and it was giving Winnie the Pooh vibes at times. But just a touch here and there. And as a Pooh lover, I was here for it!

About the Book

Winner – 2022 International Book Awards – Fantasy

“A rebel rabbit turns the world of predators and prey on its head in this debut fantasy. An entertaining, imaginative post-apocalyptic scenario with special appeal for animal lovers.” -Kirkus Reviews

“A fierce and cozy adventure.” -The Portalist

“Great for fans of Richard Adams’s Watership Down.” -Publishers Weekly

“The book’s ultimate message is one of hope.” -Foreword Clarion Review


In a post-apocalyptic world where humans are extinct and animals thrive, a young rabbit starts to wonder why rabbits must accept their status as prey animals. She asks pointed questions of the warren elders and gets exiled for it.

Without a warren, she’s enormously vulnerable, but she reaches out to others in desperate straits. Soon, she’s locked in a ferocious battle for survival—and maybe even freedom.

Part naturalistic adventure, part modern-day fable, War Bunny is a fast-paced story about friendship, honor, standing up for yourself, and coming of age.

A great adventure read for teens and adults! (Fantasy, 13+)

My Thoughts

Our BMC (bunny main character) is Anastasia, who for reasons I’ll let you learn on your own, finds herself alone in the wild and amazingly, but quite hereitcally, fights off a fox. No bunny before has ever done such a thing, and this sets off a series of events that completely change the world as she and all the bunnies know it. The changes in Anastasia’s character, as well as so many others around her, are beautiful character and world-building. The tiny drops of history we find along the way – like how we find out who the Old Gods are – muah – absolutely delightful!!

Fantasy writers amaze me. I don’t prefer when they dump entire sections of history on my head at once, but the creation of that is still amazing – so often forgivable. The ones, like this author, who both create the worlds and then masterfully weave a story while perfectly drip-feeding us bits of information in a perfectly timed manner – not overwhelming us, but not leaving us without necessary information – are writers of a different breed.

Those who discount fantasy writing as anything less than genius don’t understand the beauty, social commentary, and storytelling available in a story like War Bunny. Grab your copy today and dive into the adventure!

Who’s It For?

If you love fantasy – especially creature/animal-focused fantasy stories – you’ll love this story. There is a lot of futuristic science hidden deep in the pages, and there are some dystopian vibes hidden as well. Being that this is from the eyes of predator and prey animals there are scenes of animal harm, so that is a big trigger point for many.

Content Warnings: Animal harm/death, Violence, Death, Child Loss, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Loss, Infertility, Parental Abandonment, Domestic/Familial Abuse, Child Abuse, Bullying, Medical Trauma, Religious Ideology, Political Ideology, Racism, Xenophobia, Apocalyptic Imagery, Pandemic/Epidemic Disease (Not Covid)

Question of the Day

Do you have a favorite book/TV show/etc? where can animals talk?

Answer of the Day

I think Winne the Pooh will always have my heart for this one. Sweet, My Silly old Winnie the Pooh!! I still sing the newer song that came out when I was little – Gotta get up, gotta get going, Gotta see a friend today. It came on every morning while I was getting ready for school.

About the Author

Christopher St. John is an award-winning writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His plays have appeared at the Blue Bear Theatre in San Francisco, the York Theatre in New York, and Marigny Opera House in New Orleans. Christopher volunteers for several San Francisco Bay Area animal rescue organizations. And he’s proud to be part of the group that helped get the California Fur Ban signed into law in 2019.He and his partner live with rescue bunnies running freely in their well-nibbled home. War Bunny is Christopher’s debut novel. It won the 2022 International Book Awards for Fantasy. Kirkus Reviews calls it “An entertaining, imaginative post-apocalyptic scenario with special appeal for animal lovers. “You can find it on your favorite online bookstore. The second book in the series, Summerday, was published in April 2023. The third book, City of Oom, is currently in development.

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