If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll love this second installment in The FitzMorris Family Mysteries featuring the three generations of sleuthing FitzMorris ladies.

About the Book

Escape to the picturesque Isle of Blom, a place reminiscent of the enchanting Isle of Man, where tranquility meets treachery in the second of the FitzMorris Family Mysteries. Join Dee FitzMorris and her family as they embark on a relaxing summer holiday, only to find themselves entangled in illegal gambling, illicit drugs, and a dangerous romance.

Escape with Dee FitzMorris to a picturesque Island where the sea in blue, the sun shines and the pace of live is relaxing, shame about the dead body.

Holidaying on the scenic Isle of Blom, all three FitzMorris ladies find themselves in embroiled in illegal gambling, illicit drugs and romance.

It is a race against time and a narcissistic killer for Dee, when both daughter Zara and granddaughter Amelia are kidnapped. Can Dee use all her inquisitive skills to save them before the killer disposes of them?

Steam trains, sheep, and a risqué tango all contribute to this funny, fast-moving adventure.

Don’t miss out on this engaging continuation of the series. “Murder on the Isle” is a must-read for fans of cozy crime murder mysteries and British detective novels. Immerse yourself in this modern-day tale of suspense, adventure, and family bonds. Get your copy today and experience the thrilling world of the FitzMorris family as they uncover secrets and fight for their lives on the captivating British island of Blom.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love finding new cozy mystery series to love, and Anna Armstrong is earning a spot among my favorites! I’ve found a few among #LBT authors and I’m so excited to find another! The Fitzmorris ladies are just a delight to visit with and I’m so excited that there is already another book to read – even if I can’t pick it up next. Boo having responsibilities!

Armstrong’s ability to weave the three ladies together as three related ladies who have similarities but also very distinct personalities is fantastic. Having worked hard to write twins and other siblings, it can be difficult to make such closely related characters seem realistic but the author has risen to the challenge! I enjoy all three ladies for their distinct idiosyncrasies. I tried to pick a favorite, but each time I did, I would remember why a different one stood out! As far as the gentlemen, I like Nicholas well enough, but I really like Josh. His adorable puppy-dog character just wins my heart. And, anyone who’s been here for any amount of time knows my heart’s always going to go to the sidekick. I can’t even deny it. I’ll figure out I love a character and sure enough… it’s the sidekick. I’m sure Amelia would have something to say about the psychology of that.

The setting for the second book is so different from the first. A gorgeous island paradise, and more than one surprise romance to boot! I don’t want to spoil anything in that regard, so you’ll just have to read it to find out more about that! But you know I love a love triangle, and there was at least one to contend with in this book. And, of course, everyone tempted fate claiming that no murders could happen on the sweet little island. They forgot to knock on wood!

I’m so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this tour, and I look forward to reading the next one!

Who’s It For?

If you’re a cozy mystery lover, especially if you enjoyed the first book in this series, you’ll love this second installment This continuation picks up almost immediately after the first book and includes all the characters from the first book, plus more, taking them on a lovely island vacation – all set with a ripe new murder case!

Content Warnings: Gambling, Addiction, Pregnancy, Murder, Death, Gore, Adult Situations, Adult Language, Corrupt Officials, Violence

Question of the Day

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About the Author

Anna A. Armstrong writes uplifting, cosy mysteries. Set in rural villages, they overflow with friendship, warm family relationships, delicious food, beautiful gardens and romance as well as the odd murder to spice things up. At the heart of her stories are her colourful characters who have their own varied foibles. There is nothing like a spot of murder for revealing who people are and what makes them tick.

Growing up in home counties England, Anna was surrounded with dogs and horses as well as the wide variety of people who make up village life. Her observation skills were further honed by studying Anthropology at university. Much to her family’s embarrassment, she often can’t resist pulling out a pad and sketching random strangers in a restaurant.

When not indulging her love of travelling, Anna divides her time between the quintessentially English village of Burford in the Cotswolds and the rugged Isle of Man, the jewel of the Irish Sea. She is passionate about food, her garden, her three dachshunds, family and latterly trick riding, just in case running off to the circus becomes an option!

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