In this fourth and (probably) final installment of The Elementalists, the kids are all (well almost all) grown up and things have gotten complicated.

About the Book

In a race against time, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a group of young elementalists. With the malevolent White Queen on the verge of obtaining unimaginable power, the brave heroes must band together to thwart her evil plan. But as they face impossible challenges and formidable foes, they realize the task is far more daunting than they ever imagined. Armed with only their growing magical abilities and unwavering determination, they must stop the queen from finding the hidden mana tower, learn more of the spell itself, and prevent the catastrophic spell from being cast. With two skilled wizard mentors by their side, the elementalists must push themselves to their limits and beyond. But when up against foes who can see into the future and harness otherworldly energies, will their training be enough to save the world from eternal darkness?

My Thoughts

Having lost some of their crew (tiny spoiler for Book 3, I won’t say who or how) and gained new members, their morale is a little low. They’re back with Sage working on honing their skills for their biggest battle yet. And this one is to take the cake. But can a few kids really win against wizards who have hundreds of years of experience?

The idealism of youth starts to wane, as it does for most of us, as the children start to wonder about those who have joined the White Queen. Some of them were good once – why have they joined her? Could they be wrong? Could she actually be good? The shades of grey start to shine through and make the teens question their mission.

Dealing with the typical feelings that teens deal with while trying to save the land isn’t easy, but this fantasy story does a great job of offering a sweet, adorable balance and some great social commentary along the way. I really like when books grow with the characters, and these really have. We’ve seen these characters grow both in strength as humans and as elementalists, and it has really been something to watch. I’d love to see more stories in this world, but it says book 4 out of 4. But who knows? There could be more tales to tell in this world someday.

Some of the readers who started the series might not be ready for the final one quite yet, since all of them are out already. But as long as parents read it along with younger readers, it should be okay. This one is rated for the young adult category, rather than the children’s or middle-grade age category like previous books.

I’m grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me in this tour, and I look forward to reading any future tales that father and/or daughter spin!

Question of the Day

Did your parents ever make up stories for you as a child?

Who’s It For?

This book is rated as young adult fantasy, which seems accurate. Young adult is such a broad category these days. This one is what young adult was in my day, actually for teens and young people. Clean, sweet and actually what you might want your teen reading if you’re from the South. And, if you’re a teen, what you’d be OK with your parents finding in your backpack. Also, if you love fantasy ala Tolkien, L’Engle, etc., this will be your jam.

Content Warnings: Death, Loss of Family, Betrayal, Violence, Fear, Kidnapping, Murder, Evil, Religious Ideology, Illness

About the Author

Ephie Risho has been writing his whole life. Inspired by his sixth-grade teacher to write a story every week, he enrolled in the writing program at his undergrad Middlebury College and has been writing ever since. He loves the outdoors, music, community, his family, and telling stories. He currently lives in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, where he works in software development and is active in various community groups.

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