Short chapters and a compelling storyline make for a dangerous combination that will keep you up way past bedtime reading this thriller!

About the Book

Aimee has never moved on from that weekend camping trip in the rugged landscape of Glencoe, that saw her boyfriend and best friend disappear without a trace. Each night she takes on the demanding role of a night carer, but her waking hours are haunted by flashbacks from a traumatic childhood and blood, lots of it. Despite her father’s incarceration at Glasgow’s most infamous prison, Aimee feels a gnawing sense that true justice remains elusive, festering like an open wound within her soul.

As she cares for an ex-QC with terminal prostate cancer but what she finds out about him, chills her blood. Can she ignore her murderous urges one more time or will he push her to her breaking point?

Bea Yorke, an award-winning podcaster revisits the 2001 disappearance. The only way to find out what really happened is to interview the people who were there that night. Her investigations become increasingly dangerous… for everyone.

A psychological thriller about identity, trauma, and obsession.

My Thoughts

This is a fantastic concept for a thriller. It is fast-paced, and the different elements – podcast snippets, flashbacks, and differing POVs make it an intriguing read from start to finish. But it was a hard read for me, because it rubbed up against a few of the trigger warnings I tend to avoid. So, if that’s a thing for you, be sure to check them. It has some of the big ones in it, and they’re prominent, often, and early.

I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with both of our leading ladies in this book. They both had a morally grey thing going on, but I could also kind of understand where they were coming from to some extent. Seeing the story unfold from both of their perspectives was a really interesting experience. If you think you can handle the warnings, it would be something worth experiencing. The ending left me a little uncomfortable, but I also felt like maybe that was the goal. Honestly, I felt like maybe the whole thing was meant to make me feel uncomfortable like it was a social commentary, and I get that message loud and clear!

The twists and turns that got us to the end of this one were wild, and I’m grateful to have been included, even if it was a hard read. I know lots of people that will love this – all my no-trigger friends!

Who’s It For?

Anyone who loves a good, twisty complicated thriller with podcasts, multiple POVs, timeline jumps, and more! It’s got great writing and a wonderful storyline, but some rough content warnings, so check them out!

Content Warnings: SA, SI, Murder, Death, Child Abuse (including SA), Incest, Kidnapping, Imprisonment, Infidelity, Betrayal, and Probably More.

About the Author

Y.M. Miller is the author of What Would Aimee Dean Do? and upcoming horror novella, Marked for Sorrow, published by D&T Publishing.

She lives in Scotland, is married, and is a full-time carer to her eldest son and mum to three boys, two cats, and a labrador called Obi.

She’d love to become a full-time writer, so if any of this story resonated with you, she would appreciate if you left a review.