PJ Skinner and her cozy mystery series is on my autobuy list, and for good reason. If you’re a cozy mystery reader, Skinner’s series is a prime example of the genre.

About the Book

A shotgun marriage leads to deadly celebrations in this gripping English seaside cozy mystery

D.I. George Carter’s wedding takes a sinister turn, when the bride is discovered lifeless, mere hours after their vows. Reluctant guest, Tanya Bowe, an investigative journalist turned local sleuth, who also happens to be George’s ex-wife, finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation.

The atmosphere is less than convivial as underlying tensions bubble to the surface. Suspicion falls squarely on George, and a rival detective is determined to pin the crime on him. Tanya delves into a world of hidden vendettas and deceit. The bride had enemies, but the hotel is also a den of blackmail and fraud.

Did the killer target the bride, or has an elaborate plan gone badly wrong?

In this enthralling English, small-town, cozy mystery, Tanya must rescue her ex-husband from murder charges, if she is to finally escape the past. If you crave seaside settings, intricate plots, and a dash of humour, grab your copy now and join Tanya on a journey to uncover the truth.

Can you solve the mystery before Tanya does?

My Thoughts

Tanya, our whip-smart, strong female lead is an ex-journalist with a vulnerable side who can solve crimes better than the cops, and they know. They suggest she should join the force, but she resists, as all good cozy leading ladies do. In a flip of the usual script, she’s divorced from the local leading cop instead of dating him, though he was pursuing her again right up until this book, which is about his wedding to another woman.

Our zany cast of characters is back in full force, ready to help George get married, and get him out of Tanya’s hair once and for all. And George, in typical George fashion, has asked Tanya to plan his wedding, really pushing the boundaries on their “friendship” and testing her budding relationship with Harry. A potential baby sibling has Mouse in all kinds of new emotions, and Tanya as well.

Skinner weaves together the main murder mystery plot with the emotional, character subplots so beautifully. While the mystery and murder are of course important, I know the majority of us – especially cozy readers – truly come for the relationships and the characters. We come back to visit with the zany townspeople who feel like old friends. Adorable, sweet Mouse, dreamy Ghita, busybody Rhoz, and all the other quirky friends that make the city come alive. The will-they-won’t-they between Harry and Tanya, and for awhile Tanya and George, keeps us turning pages. And the shock of twists and thrills will keep us coming back book after book.

The world Skinner has created in Seacastle is a cozy, delightful one that any cozy reader will want to visit again and again, no matter how many times the author delights us with new chances. I am so pleased that the author and Love Books Tours included me on this tour, and I can’t wait to catch up with Tanya and the rest of the crew when the next book is ready!

Who’s It For?

If you love cozy mysteries full of loveable characters, murder that seems almost beside the point, low-stakes love trianges, and strong female leads, this is the series for you. I’d start with the first book, which is Deadly Returns. You could theoretically read them as a standalone, but I think you would lose a lot of context reading them that way, but others may not agree.

Question of the Day

What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed at a wedding?

Content Warning: Pregnancy, Death, Infidelity, Divorce, Child Death, Murder, Violence, Adult Language, Parent Death

About the Author

PJ Skinner is a geologist who has spent thirty years roaming the planet and collecting tall tales and real-life experiences. Most of her postings were in remote and dangerous sites which provide background settings for her novels. She now writes fact-based novels from the relative safety of London. She still travels worldwide collecting material for the series and having her own adventures.


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