This book might be a bit of a clunker, but it read super fast. I couldn’t wait to find out who’d done it.

About the Book

A Locked Room. An Improbable Murder.

When Private Investigator Jacob Kincaid is approached by mystery podcaster Natalie Amato, he senses a case that actually matters may have finally fallen across his desk.

The former journalist hires Jacob to investigate the death of a colleague, convinced what was initially written off by police as an accident, was actually murder.

With an unlikely crime and a cult of Ireland’s elite watching from the shadows, Jacob must navigate an increasingly deadly case to get the answers he needs and where every new truth uncovered puts his life, and Natalie’s, at risk.

My Thoughts

I couldn’t put this book down, even though I did suspect one of the people involved early on, but that might have been my extensive reading/watching of mysteries – and a little bit my pessimistic nature. But let’s just say the author’s good at foreshadowing and I’m good at picking it up.

I usually enjoy this kind of crime fiction with the almost noir detective, who has a shady, mysterious background – usually ex-police or military. He’s a little grumpy, but has a sweet interior. Sometimes there’s a sweet older lady secretary, sometimes the new younger lady that comes in is the secretary – this time we had a the older lady and the younger lady was the client. We got a nice semi-love triangle, a lot of action-packed danger, and plenty of twists and turns. While I suspected a person who was involved, I couldn’t have guessed then entire story!

The characters were real, human beings that made mistakes and owned up to them. They apologized and they grew. The writing also imbued humor into them. This is the second time I’ve found a big of dark humor in a mystery series and it’s definitely a trend I’m excited to see. Outside of cozy mysteries, which have a lighter feel to them, you see little humor. So it’s nice to see a little seeping in.

I’m so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this tour. I look forward to more adventures from Jacob, Natalie, and Helen. I enjoyed all of them and can’t wait to learn more about them!

About the Author

SDW Hamilton was born and raised on Northern Ireland’s rugged North Coast. Blood on The Broadcast is his debut novel and is set within a world he is familiar with, having spent much of his adult life in the criminal justice field.

When not writing, he is a husband to Sophie and a father to Lydia and two good doggies.

Question of the Day

Are you a fan of locked door mysteries? Do you have any recommendations?

Who’s It For?

If you’re a fan of gritty, noir-type mysteries, I think you’ll enjoy this. It reminds me of Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway series, the Robert Galbraith books (I enjoyed them before they were politicized), and one I read last year called “You Killed My Wife,” along with other similar darker/gritty feeling detectives.

Content Warnings: Violence, Fire, Religious Extremism, Kidnapping, Torture, Betrayal, Self Unaliving, Drugging, Alcohol Abuse, Adult Situations, Adult Language


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