Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’m not sure any book has given me such anxiety before. It might still be a little too close to the pandemic to read such a detailed account for some of us. Neil Boss brought that fear, dread, and pure terror back to me like I was smack back in the middle of the early days of the pandemic in a way I haven’t experienced since. And I mean that as a huge compliment. A writer who can do that is incredibly talented.

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Two people trapped in their different worlds. One by wealth and one by poverty. Twenty years working for The Firm has given Marcus Barlow everything he wants but has taken his soul in return. Finding a way to leave has become an obsession.

Claire Halford’s life hits rock bottom when she is caught stealing food from Tesco Express. Left alone by her husband with two small children and an STI, her suicide music is starting to play louder in her head.

A chance meeting brings them together. As a mystery virus from China starts to run riot across the country, their world’s collide and they find they have more in common than they knew.

Set in the early months of 2020, Maybe It’s About Time is a story about the difficulty of changing lives for the better. Starting as a funny and satirical view of the egocentric world of professional services, it gives way to a heart-warming story of an unlikely friendship that rejuvenates Marcus and Claire, giving them both hope for a better future.

My Thoughts

The unlikely relationships built within this novel almost make it worthy of being called a fantasy novel. But they were so lovely and complex in such a way that they seemed so real. The social worker randomly best friends with the rich businessman. The businessman going through a mid-life crisis randomly developing a fatherly affection for a poverty-stricken single mother. All of them weaving in and out of each other’s lives so beautifully. Each character feels so real, and the depth and length of the book give you that nice – but also not nice – book hangover for days.

Sometimes I don’t like any of the characters in a book, but in this one, I disliked very few. All of the baddies were at Marcus’ workplace, and I felt like I was meant to dislike them. We were supposed to want him to leave his workplace as much as all the other people telling him maybe he should. But the long, winding road from Point A to Point Z in this book was nearly as twisty as a thriller. And, as scary as Covid was we could almost argue for some strange new gentle thriller category. Pandemic paranoia thrillers, perhaps?

The exploration of these two vastly different characters was so beautiful. The unexpected crossing of their lives is so mesmerizing. I am pretty sure I experienced most emotions while reading this book, and considering the length there was definitely room to include them all. The first part of the book was definitely a long build-up. No one was really nervous about the pandemic, and it was okay – except for Marcus. Then, as things got real, my anxiety shot through the roof. I think I might have been unpleasant to be around for a couple of days. A good book can do that to you!

I have heard rumors that the author is planning a sequel, and I look forward to that. I want to know what happens next. However, I will admit that the ending of this one hit me very hard. I am a mother of a small child, and without providing further spoilers, this made the ending really hard for me. I am grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this tour.

Who’s It For

If you’re still triggered by discussing Covid-19, do not read this book. The author did an amazing job of painting the scene. He put you right back in the middle of those stressful early days of the pandemic, and if experiencing that will affect your mental health please protect that. The great thing about books is they will wait until you are ready for them! If you enjoy books that provide social commentary and paint a picture of our world, this book does that beautifully.

Content Warnings: Infidelity, Covid-19, Suicide, Domestic Abuse, Parent Death, Foster Care System, Drug Abuse/Use, Alcohol Abuse, Hoarding, Smoking, Adult Situations, Adult Language, Child Abuse, Religious Talk/Ideas, Sexual Assault, and more

Question of the Day

Would you risk your own health or your family’s for someone you barely knew, if they didn’t have anyone else to help them? What would make you say yes?

About the Author

(Written by the Author)

I retired from a career in the corporate world in November 2019 with three objectives. To travel around the world and fly fish in the most exotic locations, to play my electric guitar better than I do and to write a novel that I could be genuinely proud of. The pandemic and lockdown in March 2020 put my first two objectives on hold leaving me no option but to start writing. Two and half years later, ‘Maybe It’s About Time’, my first novel, was published.

As a piece of work, I am incredibly proud of it. It makes me laugh and cry in equal measure. I am even more proud that readers seem to be enjoying it just as much and it is getting great reviews.

Travel and fly fishing has now started again, my guitar playing is improving and a sequel to ‘Maybe It’s About Time’ is in the works.

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