Let’s help this award-winning author celebrate the release of his new book “House of Dreams.”

About the Book

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This was a house with only two storeys, but it told many tales.

Tony Lawson is a world-famous dream therapist, but he hasn’t dreamed in years, and he needs more therapy than he can give. On the day his divorce is finalised, he is driving past a village when he sees a large old house for sale. Walking through the gates, he is captivated by its history and mystery. That night, he starts dreaming again.

Drawn by its magic, Tony buys the property and discovers it once belonged to Queen Catherine Parr. As the house tells more and more of its story in Tony’s dreams, Tony is led by both the living and the dead to a startling and seismic discovery – one that will transform both the house of his soul and the soul of his house.

House of Dreams is a magical tale about a 500-year-old Tudor house – its ghosts, its traumas, its treasures, and its secrets.

After reading it, you will never see houses in the same way again.

About the Author

Dr Mark Stibbe is the winner of the first ever Page Turner Award for Fiction Writing (2020). He has been described recently by the New York Times as “an acclaimed writer.”

Mark has been writing books since he was 16 and has clocked up over 50 titles since then. Mark’s PhD on storytelling was completed in 1982 and published by Cambridge University press.

Mark was a Vicar for 25 years so most of his works have been religious nonfiction released through traditional publishing houses. He was awarded ‘Christianity’s’ book of the year in 2010.

Mark has ghost written over thirty books for clients of his company BookLab. Through this company, Mark and his team have helped hundreds of new authors to get published.

Lately, Mark has mostly migrated from nonfiction to fiction and has been writing novels in the magical realism genre. His novel ‘A Book in Time’ was picked as the overall winner out of hundreds of entries in the prestigious and popular Page Turner Awards.

Mark’s twin sister Claire is also a full-time novelist. In 2021, she won the Page Turner Award one year after Mark won the same prize. This makes Mark and Claire a unique phenomenon in the publishing world – twins who have won the same literary award in consecutive years!

As adopted children, they had a huge advantage; their adoptive father was a star pupil and friend of CS Lewis. He was also at Merton, Oxford where J.R.R. Tolkien was a professor of English.

Mark is now a full-time writer who lives in Kent with his wife Cherith and their Black Labrador Bella. In recent years, he has been a judge for literary awards and is a popular speaker.

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