If you’re looking for some spicy romance, look no further than “Tender Hearts” where you can find six different stories with quite steamy scenes.

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Tender Hearts is a collection of Kris Kassady’s six best-selling low-angst romance novellas that are sure to leave you breathless.

Each story in this collection is about real people—no vampires, werewolves, aliens, or billionaires here. Just worthy people in a spicy romance.

From Sebastian and Mackenzie’s fiery adventure in The Affair, to Miranda and Mack’s intense encounter in Miranda, to the unexpected romance between Carter and Drew in The Appointment, these stories are full of passion and guaranteed happily-ever-after’s.

The Affair


The Appointment

The Gypsy

The Quiet Lady

The Nanny

With charming characters, sizzling chemistry, and engaging storylines, Tender Hearts is the perfect collection for readers who love heart-warming contemporary romance without unnecessary drama or tension.

If you like your romance full of heart, humor, and steam, you’ll love this collection of spicy reads—each perfect for a cozy read on your favorite couch.

My Thoughts

Novellas and short stories can be difficult. It can be hard to build a story and proper characterization within the confines of such a short space, but Kris Kassady has done a great job with these six stories. They feel well-built, and they leave me wanting more – which is how I usually feel at the end of a 400-page story too, so that’s nothing against the author. In fact, it’s a sign of a good story to me.

My favorite story of the lot was Miranda. At first, I was a little annoyed. It seemed like the author was obsessed with thinness and diet culture. I was a little offended by the obsession with thinness and “rock-hard bodies” in the first story “The Affair,” but then it was redeemed in the end. While Miranda was a very thin woman, she was actually an extremely thin woman who suffered from low self-esteem from it. This caused her to lead a simple life and find her way to a man who also has a physical difference.

As a fat person (we’re taking the word back), this story really helped me see how much people at both ends of the size spectrum have in common. It was really enlightening to read this story, and I really appreciate it. The relationship between Miranda and Mack reminded me a great deal of mine with my own partner, and seeing that on the page was beautiful. I loved seeing that relationship flourish.

All of the stories were well-written, but extremely spicy. The author calls them low-angst and just the right amount of steam. This is where we differ a bit. I don’t really know what low-angst romance means, I tried to Google it. But the first story was about two people cheating on their spouses. The whole story did not seem “low-angst” to me. The second one, while I loved it, also didn’t seem that low-angst to me. Overall, I really couldn’t put my finger on one in particular that I would call low-angst. But like I said, this is based on my own personal definition of those words since I couldn’t find any clear definition of the genre.

Also, I tend to be a bit prudish in the steam/spice area. However, these stories seemed quite spicy to me. There were multiple open-door scenes where very little was left to the imagination. It seemed quite graphic to me. But there was also a lot of stories between those scenes, so maybe that’s what is meant by “the right amount of steam.” I just wanted to help define what that means in this instance, just in case your right amount is either less (like mine) or more.

Overall, sweet and spicy stories that were a great, fast read. I am grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on the tour.

Who’s It For

If you love a good romance with a good bit of open-door spicy scenes, this is a great book for you. You get six stories in one, and they’re a quick read so you get to the action and the resolution quickly. If you love romantic short stories, you’ll love this book.

Content Warning: This book deals with a lot of serious topics that might trigger sensitive readers including, but not limited to, infidelity, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, body dysmorphia, exercise, dieting, war, injuries, medical discussion, parent death, and more.

About the Author

Kris Kassady knows how to have fun. Her writing style is light, humorous, and entertaining, with just the right amount of spice to keep readers coming back for more. Specializing in steamy romance and light erotica, Kassady crafts stories that are both satisfying and thrilling, with full-length novels, steamy novellas, and erotic shorts to choose from.

Kris’s steamy romances are always focused on the romance, and have a guaranteed HEA, while her erotica takes readers on a sexual adventure that is both classy and tasteful.

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Give one of these steamy stories a test drive and see for yourself why readers love Kris Kassady…

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