Love Stories Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research

A few months back I was contacted by author Anne Lucy-Shanley, who I’d worked with on an ARC previously, to see if I’d like to read her story included in “Love is in the Air.” I’ve enjoyed her work previously, so I was inclined to say yes. When she mentioned the book’s proceeds would go to charity, I didn’t even bat an eye. I’ve worked with other such anthologies before, and it’s really a passion of mine to help promote books that raise money for good causes! This time around the benefactor is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

About the Story

Kitty has always loved Kingfisher Cove and has pined for her once beloved grandparents’ cottage long after it was lost due to financial ruin. When they left, it also meant Kitty had to leave behind Jace and their new and yet-to-be-determined relationship. Years later the cottage, now dilapidated, comes up for sale. And, Kitty doubles down.

About The Book

Sometimes we don’t get it right the first time around. That’s why life gives us second chances.

This limited edition romance collection features 20+ stories of hope, happy ever afters, and the second chances it took to get there.

In this collection, you will find stories of second chances at love and life as our heroes and heroines embark on life-changing journeys, whether changing careers or moving halfway across the globe.

What second chance have you been longing for? These stories just might inspire you to go out there and grab it.

All NET Author proceeds are being pledged to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the highest-rated breast cancer organization in the United States and largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide.

The organizer of this collection, Mandy Melanson of Amaryllis Media, LLC, watched her aunt go through diagnosis, treatment, and remission, then it returned as Stage 4. It was at that moment she watched her aunt refuse additional treatment because it made her so sick she felt the alternative was a better choice for her and she resigned herself to her diagnosis.

It is our collective hope no one will ever have to feel that way again. That is why she’s brought together these 20+ romance authors, who build their careers on hope and happy ever afters, to write this collection of second chances.

Our mission, as the participating authors in this collection, is to use our voices to help BCRF in their mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.

My Thoughts

I always enjoy a good second-chance romance. I mean, don’t we all dream and wonder about the one that got away sometimes? Or worse, have nightmares about what if our beloved SO had gotten away? Oh, that’s just me? Right. Anyway, this author always writes heartwarming, twisty tales that take their time getting to the happily ever after, but the journey is enjoyable. I was gutted by the start of the story, more so than usual, so I knew that it was going to be good! You can’t have a second-chance romance without a good, devastating first chance of some sort.

Kitty, our main female character, is a strong, independent woman, and I am here for it. She was impressive in her job, in her romance, and in her willingness to do dirty jobs! I would not be willing to do half of what she did in this book, and I’m not like a super girly girl either. But yeah, she is a super impressive character. That isn’t to say she didn’t have her human flaws, which is good, because it brings her down to Earth. The chemistry between her and her love interest is instant and undeniable.

If you’re looking for a nice beach read that will keep you turning the pages, or a breather between heavier books this is perfect. Short stories/novellas really help me clear my mind between longer stories, and here is a whole collection of second-chance romances. If the other author’s work is half as good as this one, I can’t wait to read them!

I really appreciate that the authors are also donating proceeds to help fund breast cancer research. It really warms my heart when people donate their time and talent to help others. I appreciate the author for thinking of me when looking for ARC readers for this, and I am providing my review voluntarily.

Who’s It For?

If you enjoy second-chance romance and strong, independent female characters this is a great read for you. It is mostly sweet romance, with some moderate open-door spicy scenes.

Content Warning: There are some subjects in this book that may disturb sensitive readers including, but not limited to, graphic sex scenes, classism, discussions of wealth, adult situations, adult language, depression, and more.

About the Author

Crazy Cat Lady. Fan Of The Oxford Comma. Author.
With degrees in education and psychology, Anne Lucy-Shanley is a novelist based in the American Midwest. An enthusiast of all things written, Anne dabbles in dystopian, young adult, and non-fiction writing. As a believer in happily-ever-afters, contemporary romance remains her favorite genre.

Some of Anne’s pastimes include drinking whiskey, sharing dirty memes, and coming up with captivating storylines while soaking in the tub. When not embracing the quiet life with a book and a cat on her lap, she occasionally travels with her husband of twenty years.

Anne loves connecting with her readers! Join the fun at her author and reader Facebook group, the Saucy Society

Participating authors in “Love is in the Air” are:

Kat Long
Tara September
Sierra Gamble
Danielle Jacks
Serenity Rayne & Cassandra Featherstone
Jeanine Lauren
Sharon Wray
Angela Scavone
Anne Lucy-Shanley
Carrie Jacobs
Roxie Clarke
Bobbi Claire
Helen Walton
Heather Silvio
Rose Fresquez
CJ McKnight
Q Marlowe
Shauna Jared
Kristen Fray
Mandy Melanson
Colleen Key

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