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About the Book

Knowledge is power. Knowing it, could save you … or kill you.

Year 2149 in the Women’s Republic of Anglia and in the Academy, Clara Perdue is training to become a Truth Sister, a privileged position allowing her to maintain the new order of social purity. Men broke the world as it was, caused the changes in the climate that brought so much pain. Only women can bring order to the chaos and Clara wants more than anything to help bring it about.

But when she stumbles upon information that the Republic has tried to suppress, questions surface. And a family secret that brings danger to Clara’s family only adds to her confusion. Is the social purity she believes in even possible? And in a world of lies, how can she know what is true?

Clara pushed herself into her position of influence and now she must choose. Will she bow down to the institution she was raised to believe in and grew to love, or will she risk everything for her family

Clara’s choices will impact not only her and her family, but potentially the fabric of the Republic.

About the Author

Phil started writing when his children grew too old to have bedtime stories read to them any more. After two “practice” novels and some successes with short stories, Phil’s debut novel Truth Sister was published by Impress Books in 2018.

Phil’s other career is as a radiation protection scientist, and as well as writing he enjoys walking and folk singing. He lives in Swindon, Wiltshire, not far from the ancient Wessex downland.

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