The second installment in this expansive work of historical fiction.

About the Book

The Eastern Roman Empire is vulnerable, attacked by barbarians on the borders and under threat from enemies within. Can an ex-slave restore the true power of Rome?

The Imperial Chamberlain, the eunuch Eutropius controls the weak-willed emperor, whilst the senators of the court scheme for favour and power. But Eutropius does not feel safe in his hard-earned position; only through winning a battle can he truly cast off his past as a slave and be awarded the highest of honours. A chance arises to bring his dreams to fruition, to secure his power, and so to the horror of the senate and the court, Eutropius leads an expedition into combat.

The arrival of new religious leader in Constantinople brings hope for new beginnings to the city. But violence between Romans and Goths has permeated the streets. The conflict is stoked further by a powerful figure within the Imperial court shattering old friendships and forcing new alliances.

Meanwhile, three warriors hunt for a key witness in a plot to undermine the stability of the Roman Empire. Their hunt takes them to the far borders of the Empire, where they run afoul of a new and lethal enemy.

Painstakingly researched, author Justin Isaacs deftly weaves together true events with plausible what-ifs. From the aspirations of immoral men to the changing and often violent landscape of the known world, readers will devour this epic account of a pivotal moment in time. The Guardians of Byzantium : Book 2 is the stunning second book in The Guardians of Byzantium historical fiction series. If you like tenacious anti-heroes, deep conspiracies, and thrilling glimpses into the past, then you’ll love Justin Isaacs’s riveting saga.

About the Author

Justin Isaacs lives in the UK. He is the author of “The Guardians of Byzantium” series of books, a historical fiction series that follows the history of the Byzantine Empire through the eyes and minds of a secret organization dedicated to the preservation of The Roman Empire, whatever the cost.

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