Rating: 4 out of 5.

What an adorable book packed with a great lesson! If you love a tiny human, you should definitely pick this book up!

About the Book

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One cranky squirrel + one happy dog = a lesson in emotional intelligence your kids will love!

When Joey bumps into Ralphy at the park, he can tell right away that Joey is a squirrel that needs to hear all about “Ralphy’s Rules for the Good Life.” Joey learns the value of kindness, not taking things personally, and being brave. It’s never too early to practice these important skills, and this duo is the perfect pair help you open the door to those conversations.

My Thoughts

The world is hard for kid’s these days. Media influences cause them to have horrible self-esteem, and often have bad self-talk. This book addresses that through the eyes of an adorable squirrel and puppy. As a parent, I love a book that doesn’t just tell you the lesson but does it through a story. This is somewhere in the middle. It tells you the lesson, but within a story.

As the mom to a sweet little gal, I’m working hard to keep her self-esteem high and I love that there are books like that working to help me! The artwork is super cute and my daughter loved it. The message was a little clunky for her – she is autistic and wandered off halfway through – but I think it would be perfect for most 5 year olds. She loved it up until she got distracted, and she really seemed to get and connect to the message.

I’m so pleased that the author and Love Books Tours included me on this tour, and I’ll definitely look for more by this author to share with my daughter.

Who’s It For?

This book is for young children, around age five or six. It seems like a good fit for this age group. I definitely wouldn’t go any lower, but you could probably stretch it a little higher. Not by much though, because the graphics and simple message likely wouldn’t appeal to older kids. However, the fantastic message is one that all children, teens, and adults could benefit from. So read it to anyone who will listen.

Content Warning: Negative Self-Talk

About the Author

Talar Herculian Coursey is a lawyer by day and a children’s book author, Life Coach and philanthropist by night (more like mornings). Her first children’s book, Ralphy’s Rules for Living the Good Life, was first published in 2021. A new edition will be published in 2023 by Purple Butterfly Press. The second, Ralphy’s Rules for Feelings, is coming out Summer 2023. Connect with Talar on her website. www.TalarEsq.com.

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