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About the Book 

Daisy is on the brink of despair. 

A marriage ending and seemingly no hope in her life, she meets a stranger who turns her life around in ways that she could never have imagined. 

Sean is a magical character and so is Luna, the white wolf that mysteriously appears and becomes Daisy’s constant companion. The magic woven between them takes Daisy to a new life where she meets another troubled soul; the darkly compelling Robbie. He is tormented by the threat of a family curse and his daughter, Lily is convinced that Daisy has been brought to their home, in the highlands of Scotland, to break this curse. 

Daisy, however, has a broken heart, and deeply buried wounds of her own. How can she possibly save someone else, when she is so desperately lost herself? She is faced with choices, not all of them are the right ones and unbeknown to her, there is a hidden danger that threatens far more than her heart. 

White Wolf Within is for those who like to believe in magic; who dare to dream that maybe, just maybe, there is something bigger, more powerful out there, than the everyday normal existence? White Wolf Within is for those of you who seek to find that true version of yourself that will bring you happiness. 

About the Author

Dawn Branwell is a writer of fantasy fiction for adults and children. Why fantasy? Because she believes in magic, that there is a life we can live outside of the ordinary. Sometimes that life is within the pages of a book. Sometimes it is in the life we can create around us. Her path, like the characters in her books, has shown her there is far more to this life than we will ever truly understand. She hopes that in reading her books, a little of this magic may rub off on you. She invites you to let her know if it does!

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