Anyone looking to brush up on some skills or pick up some entirely new ones might need some help reviving their actual learning skills if they haven’t been in a classroom for a while. That’s where the Self-Education Manual could come in handy!

About the Book

Struggling with math? Learning a foreign language? Need the encouragement to know if you are on the right track? This new book offers a logical learning system of proven study methods which you can master. Written by an experienced educator, The Self-Education Manual presents its techniques in a clearly and efficiently organized manner meant to guide you progressively through each study method thus helping you gain confidence. Presented with dozens of learning scenarios from a wide array of disciplines, each chapter comes with instructive graphics and illustrations. Expertly, but simply explained, the learning system instructs you on how to recall facts easily while teaching how to tailor the study methods for personal use. Additionally, the book includes study answers and references which prove the effectiveness of the study methods. The Self-Education Manual also offers practical guidance on how to successfully employ learning tools such as The Study Methods Chart, Flowchart and Decision Tree found in the SEM Learning Tool Kit, available separately.

My Thoughts

If you’re looking to learn something and the traditional methods aren’t working for you or aren’t available for you, this is a great, simple resource for you to pick up. It breaks it down into simple, bite-size pieces that are proven to help people learn everything from kindergarten lessons to studying for college exams. It covers everything from pneumonic devices to highlighting and underlining to focus on important passages.

Another great feature of the book is the large swath of workbook pages to help individuals put the various learning styles to practice and utilize them while trying to learn whatever it is they’re learning. I’m grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this tour, and I look forward to using this the next time I have something new I need to learn.

Who’s It For?

If you need to learn something new or help someone you love to learn something new – this is the book for you! You can use this book to learn more about self-teaching methods that have been proven to help!

Question of the Day

What is your favorite learning style?

Answer of the Day?

Reading out loud – so that I see it and hear it – usually helps me out the most. This is generally after I’ve either been in a lecture or read it the first time, so it’s also a case of reiterating it as well.

About the Author

Mr. Petersen is a lifetime learner, teacher, world traveler, avid reader, runner and football fan who enjoys German language proficiency. His teaching certifications include: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Generalist for Grades 4 to 8, and English as a Second Language. In 2019, he served as an adjunct chemistry lab professor at a Texas university, a STEM tutor at a high school in Kenya and a STEM tutor at a Texas junior high school. His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, a Master’s degree in geology, and recent work toward an advanced degree in physics. His current professional memberships include the Geological Society of Hong Kong, West Texas Geological Society, and American Chemical Society. He is currently serving on the Board of a Rotary Club in West Texas and stays connected with other former staff of Junior Achievement. Mr. Petersen’s more than fifty years of marriage includes children and grandchildren.


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