This is an incredibly vulnerable and inspiring book of essays, poetry, and so much more. Whether you’ve been through a miscarriage – or any other trauma (and all of us have been the past few years) this book will offer you something in the way of healing.

About the Book

You’re more than your miscarriage, mama.

When a routine OB appointment brought tragic news in 2018, Victoria was left shocked, shaken, and cleaved in two. Instead of letting it make her feel small, she used this sacred loss as a catalyst to expand. To blossom. And to give herself the love she always deserved.

Find Your Way Home takes you through Victoria’s journey of choosing joy, connecting with her intuition, and honoring her inner child after miscarriage, so you can learn to do the same.

This book of inspiring words, energy, and embodiment practices comes from Victoria’s heart to help you navigate whatever part of the motherhood journey you’re currently on. Allowing you to realize you are your own medicine and healer, and that you are so much more than the things that have happened to you. You can move through and come out the other side better than you ever thought possible. You can find the light again.

“Through poetry, storytelling and thought provoking prose, Victoria masterfully weaves the multi-faceted energy of motherhood, miscarriage and life as a woman. This book is the balm we all need to feel better and move through life’s challenges with grace and insight. You can flip to any page and instantly feel seen and understood on a deeper level.” – Meg Sylvester, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Creative Mentor and Founder of Miracle Way Leadership

“As someone who has also experienced the devastation of a miscarriage, I wish I had this book by my side. Find Your Way Home is for anyone who wants to know there will be good again in their lives. Victoria’s vulnerability + wisdom has created a beautifully written + loving companion for anyone looking to reconnect to their inner light and up-level their every day.” – Robyn Miller Brecker, co-host of Seeking Center and former Oprah Executive

Victoria is a trained Akashic Records Reader, certified inner voice & breathwork facilitator, and mama of two boys. Accessing Akashic perspective has been profoundly healing for both Victoria and her clients, and she helps women all over the world learn how to access their own Records for daily guidance.

My Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Lali A. Love’s poetry, you will like this book. It has a very similar vibe, and I really think these two authors would enjoy each other’s works and company! Both write about healing and spiritual journeys – but not really in the typical way we would think of religious exploration. More New Age spirituality, with cosmic universal exploration.

I was nervous to read this book. While I’ve never personally had a miscarriage, it’s obviously something that is triggering for a lot of women. I have a hard time with baby’s dying in fiction books, so I was incredibly nervous about reading about a woman’s personal experience. But it turned out to be incredibly uplifting and beautiful. I am so impressed by the author’s ability to take one o the worst things imaginable and turn it into something so inspiring and beautiful. She admits there was a time when she was devastated, and that is of course very human. But she eventually took the experience and learned from it, also turning it into something she could share with others.

The cover is absolutely beautiful, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the wonderful stories and poetry within the pages. It will be something you can turn to again and again in times of turmoil to help you. I am so grateful to the author and Love Books Tours for including me on this tour.

Who’s It For

Anyone looking for insipiration and healing will find something wonderful in these pages. And even if you don’t realize you need it, you’ll probably still find something amazing. If you’re a poetry lover, you’ll probably love this book. It’s mostly freeform poetry, but there is some rhyming.

Content Warning: Miscarriage, Spiritual Discussions,

About the Author

Portrait of author Victoria Margaux Nielsen. Margaux presents as a white woman with shoulder-length dark wavy hair, deep crimson lipstick, and a long two piece black dress with white polka dots and red and green swirly stripes. She is standing on a staircase in front of a white wall.

Victoria is a mama, intuitive healer, and embodiment coach who demystifies ancient practices like the Akashic Records and Kundalini Yoga to help you nurture your intuition and remember the power within. She helps women who’ve awakened to the calling for more discover who and what they are vs. what society has always told them to be.

There are so many spiritual coaches who tell you their exact method is “the way.” Victoria is here to say f*ck that, and help you forge your own path to your version of enlightenment. Her approach to energy work allows you to make friends with your fear, and uncover the wild woman you’ve always been all along.

Victoria is a guiding light who loves holding space for intimate groups to go deep. We’re not alone on this Earthly journey, and ceremonial circles allow us to see ourselves and our experiences reflected in one another. Her simple approach to empowerment allows you to slow down and get clear on what you really want next in life, while her energy helps you feel fully seen and supported, guiding you to a new awareness of yourself and the world around you.

She is authentic, grounded, and real, and she believes your feelings and emotions are actually your north star through any situation. Finding and following her inner power and intuition changed her life, and she’s honored to help you find your own bold confidence, so you can get off the never-ending hamster wheel of life, slow down, find yourself, and ultimately a life of ease.

If you feel called, holler at your girl on Instagram @VictoriaMargauxNielsen or on her website

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