Cozy, Spirited Holiday Story Fills the Heart

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This story is a treasure for anyone who enjoys curling up with a warm drink and a holiday tale. Whether it’s holiday movie marathons or book binges, this is a story that you need to add to your list!

About the Book

Love hopes all things…

Jack returns to Crane’s Cove with a secret that will change everything.

She thought he was her soulmate—then he left, crushing her hopes for a future together.

Molly Crane’s divorce was incredibly painful—a pain so deep she’s gone to great lengths to protect her heart. But there was something different about the Cliff Walk Resort’s spring hire, and she allowed herself to fall for him. Then he left without a word, breaking her heart all over again. Her family and building her event-planning business give her the stability she needs—until Jack returns, shaking her life to its foundation.

Jack Dalton, an executive protection specialist and Special Forces veteran, made a big mistake leaving Molly behind. He has the courage to face any enemy, but telling the full truth about his life to a woman with grief equal to his own scared him. He’s finally ready to face his feelings and win her back, unless danger and her own fears get in his way.

Meeting again as the magic of the holidays lights up Crane’s Cove, they can’t deny their chemistry is as intense as ever. But Jack still has a big secret, and he’s already broken her trust once before.

Can they overcome their heartaches to trust in each other and face the future together? Or will their pasts—and a terrifying threat from Jack’s former life—destroy their love before it has a chance to blossom again?

Love on the Heart is a stand-alone sweet and heartwarming second-chance small-town holiday romance, and the fifth book in the Crane’s Cove series. Escape to the Cliff Walk Resort in seaside Maine to fall in love with the town and its unforgettable ensemble cast of characters.

My Thoughts

While I hoped for an HEA the whole time, I at no time felt it was guaranteed. Sure, based on the genre, I thought it was a huge likelihood, but the author was a great at making the characters – and the readers! – work for it. Sometimes I want to curl up with a book that makes the HEA certain from the start, but it’s not my usual cup of tea. I usually want some drama, and Everly delivered.

The author created a well-developed and vast cast of characters. This is the fifth book in the Crane’s Cove series, but it can be read as a standalone novel. That being said, I got the sense sometimes of being left outside of an inside conversation with some characters. Like I should know them – or know their story.

I could tell some characters were familiar and their story had been told in other books, without even checking that was true. Because of this, I’d recommend reading other books first – but I usually prefer to be in the know. It wasn’t an overwhelming problem, just slighty irksome. There were a ton of characters to keep up with, which sometimes left me feeling a little overwhelmed and lost. I’m not sure if that was because I hadn’t read earlier books or because of the number of characters. I loved all the characters, it was just hard to keep up with them sometimes.


I adored Molly. She reminded me a great deal of myself – a caretaker who takes on too much and isn’t great at asking for help. I, too, have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and worried when I was younger about being able to have children. I have one child, but cannot have more. I love my blessing, just like Molly does – even if I came about her differently. And while different, my daughter has autism. So the similarities between us between us are startling. I could list even more. It’s been a while since I connected to a character like this. This was a time in my life when I needed this connection as well.

Who’s It For

If you love heartfelt, spiritual stories with a homey, comfortable feel, you want to run to buy this book! I appreciate the author added a content warning, which I’ve included below. I will also add that if you have spiritual trauma, this is a Christian romance, and it involves a great deal of mention of church and prayer.

Like most of us book lovers, my TBR pile is too long. But I’ll definitely be stopping by Crane’s Cove again to catch up with some of these characters again.

Note from Blog Author: I received a gifted copy of this book as part of Love Books Tour in exchange for an honest review. This has not affected my review.

Note from the Book’s Author: Content includes characters’ discussions and experiences relating to reproductive disorders, infertility, childhood cancer, Down syndrome, human trafficking, organized crime, domestic violence, PTSD, and drug overdose that may be sensitive to some readers.

About the Author

Kerry’s sweet romance novels feature small towns, a touch of the supernatural, and unforgettable charming characters pursuing happily-ever-afters. Fueled on faith, Dunkin’ iced coffee, and a love for people, including her amazing family, Kerry loves (in ever-changing order) books, boy bands, cats, hockey, sweet drinks, taking selfies, traveling, and the madness of getting the stories in her head onto the page. Find out more and sign up for her newsletter at

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