Technothriller Tackles Climate Change

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This fictional action-thriller is probably the most pressing and enjoyable dive into the climate change issue you can possibly take. And O.C. Heaton’s “LEAP” leaves nothing to the imagination when tackling this important issue, which is unfortunately set twenty years ago – meaning we’ve wasted two decades without making much progress.

About the Book

Three broken people

An impossible dream

A discovery that will change the world as we know it

Uma dreams of reversing global warming using LEAP, a mysterious device invented by her brilliant quantum scientist father.

After teaming up with Ethan Rae, Britain’s youngest tech billionaire, the pair plan to launch LEAP to help mankind and the planet, but news of the invention has leaked out and playboy CEO Samuel Reynolds III has other ideas.

As a trail of murder and destruction begins, the race is on to protect the powerful LEAP device and ultimately, the future of mankind. Along the way, Uma and Ethan’s worlds are torn apart and they’re left questioning what it really means to be human and what price they will pay to protect it.

From the frozen wastelands of Iceland to the leafy suburbs of London and the mean streets of New York City, LEAP is a sci-fi thriller that will keep you turning the pages as Uma and Ethan battle to protect the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

A race in which there can be only one winner…

My Thoughts

LEAP is billed as a “technothriller,” and I’m not sure I’ve ever read something in this specific genre before. But the premise sounded interesting and important, so I jumped at the chance. Most nights, it was almost impossible to put the book down. Which we all know is the hallmark of a fantastic read. That alone merits the five-star rating and probably tells you most of what you need to know. But I’ll keep writing, anyway.

The “chapters” were broken into time periods, often minutes apart – sometimes traveling back and forth in time because of time zone differences. The prime action of the book was set within a thirty-six hour time period and the break-neck pace kept you on the edge of your seat. This unique setup helped the author build the sense of urgency both in the storyline and the importance of the important ecological and technological battles they main characters were facing. The book was filled with heart-pounding, anxiety inducing tension – in a good way, of course.

The characters seemed a little flat in some places, but by the end, they had mostly been unfolded into wonderfully complex, flawed, amazing characters. There were twists that left you questioning the characters right up until the final pages, which was a unique experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Back for More

This is a book for people who enjoy fast-paced stories with clear socio-political messaging. If you sign up for the author’s email list, you can get access to a free short story related to this fictional universe, and I can’t wait to dig into that. I’m also highly anticipating the follow- up to this novel “Green Ray,” which will further follow the storyline.

About the Author

O.C. Heaton writes thrillers, specifically technothrillers with a twist of sci-fi inside complex plots that are inhabited by grey characters – even the good guys!

He lives in Leeds, UK, with the love of his life and their two daughters. It rains a lot in Leeds but that works out well for him – loads of time for research and, of course writing!

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